Summer Research Projects, Summer 2007


A Day at the Movies: Cinematic Violence and its Effects on Aggressive and Violent Attitudes Among Albion College Males
Bethany Coston (Adviser: Dr. Melzer)

Art and Art History

Philip C. Curtis: Sound and Silence Symposium Research
Benjamin Evans (Adviser: Dr. Wickre)

The Measure of a Woman: a Feminist Critique of Camille Claudel
Claire Furness (Adviser: Dr. Wickre)


Examination of the Molecular Mechanisms that Promote Divergent Axon Morphologies: Analysis of Netrin and its Role in Cellular Growth in the Imaginal Wing Disc of Drosphila Melanogaster
Paul Beach (Adviser: Dr. Scheel)

Incubation Attentiveness in House Wrens: Effects of Ambient Temperature, Mate Feeding, and Clutch Size
Megan Fitzpatrick (Adviser: Dr. Kennedy)

Sustainable Fishing on the Northern Kenyan Coast
Sarah Heddon (Adviser: Dr. White)

Nesting Biology of the Wood Turtle, Glyptemys insculpta
Megan Lupek (Adviser: Dr. McCurdy)

Election of 1800: The Political Smear in American Party Politics
Will Medick (Adviser: Dr. Rose)

A Test of the Egg-viability and Clutch-cooling Hypotheses for Clutch Size in House Wrens (Troglodytes aedon) in Whitehouse Nature Center
Ashley Ozelski (Adviser: Dr. White)

Habit Use and Movements by Nesting Female Wood Turtles
Jeff Stevens (Adviser: Dr. McCurdy)

Biogeography of Zanthoxylum (Rutaceae) in North America, excluding Mexico
Erica Tauzer (Adviser: Dr. Skean)

Temporal Changes in the Abundance and Distribution of Coliform Bacterial Populations in the Kalamazoo River
Elizabeth Weage (Adviser: Dr. Olapade)


Chiral Hypervalent Iodonium Ylides: Synthesis and Reactions
William Andert (Adviser: Dr. French)

Building Blocks for Magnetic Materials Based on a Asterriquinone Precursors
Kristyn Darmafall (Adviser: Dr. McCaffrey)

Protocol Optimization for Fluorescent Tagging of RNA
Thomas Freeman (Adviser: Dr. Rohlman)

Quantitating Chemical Changes upon Opening a Bottle of White Wine
Michael Frenchi (Adviser: Dr. McCaffrey)

Synthesis and Evaluation of a new Chiral Hypervalent Iodine Reagent
Theresa Giacomazzi (Adviser: Dr. French)

FRET Analysis of the Twort Group I Ribozyme
Christopher Henes (Adviser: Dr. Rohlman)

Unpaired Electron Interactions in Metal Complexes
Sarah Kelley (Adviser: Dr. McCaffrey)

The Synthesis of a New Class of Chiral Hypervalent Iodine Reagents and their use in Catalytic Asymmetric Functionalization Reactions
Shauna Paradine (Adviser: Dr. French)

Synthesis and Evaluation of a Chiral, ortho-substituted, Hypervalent Halogen Reagent Based upon 2 Bromo-1-Naphthol and Styrene Oxide
Steven Schluentz (Adviser: Dr. French)

Chiral Hypervalent Bromine Reagents; Are They Possible?
Ryan Stowe (Adviser: Dr. French)


Exploring the Effects of Learning About 'Free Choice Learning Environments' on Prospective Teachers' Philosophies of Education: Comparing the Experimental Group to their Peers
Jessica Grassi (Adviser: Dr. Mercer-Tachick)

Environmental Institute

Paved with Good Intentions Michigan's Faith in Ethanol
Paul Gehres (Adviser: Dr. Dick)


Characterizing the Albion College Longstreet Meteorite
Marci Howdyshell (Advisers: Prof. Menold (Geology) and Dr. Zellner, (Physics))

Comparison of Late Wastachian and Early Bridgerian Microvertebrate Fossil Assemblages from the Eocene of the Red Desert, Wyoming
Allison Neumann (Adviser: Dr. Bartels)


God's On Both Sides: Segregationists and the Church
Andrew Brennan (Adviser: Dr. Dick)

The Politics of Command: The German General Staff during World War I
James J. Harris (Adviser: Prof. Hagerman)

Comparison of the German and American Armies in WWII
Michael Stout (Adviser: Dr. Cocks)


International Humanitarian Aid in the Medical Field
Rachel Ransom (Adviser: Dr. Raj)

A Comparative Analysis of Animal Shelter Philosophies and Practices
Theresa Vinic (Adviser: Dr. Wickre)

International Studies

Empowering Peace: Grassroots Participation and Peaceful Protest by Women in Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda
Emily Weber (Adviser: Prof. Dahlerus)

Mathematics and Computer Science

Exploring the Crossing Number of Complete Bipartite Graphs and Optimizing the K9, 9
Dennis Ross (Adviser: Prof. Connamacher)

Group-Theoretic Implications of Equal Temperament Pitch Systems
Carmen Weddell (Adviser: Dr. Bollman)


The British Envision: Creation and Rehearsal Techniques for an Effective Albion College British Eighth Half-Time Performance
Amy Alcenius (Adviser: Prof. McIllhagga)

Mozart Meets Jazz: Arranging the Adagio Movement of Concerto K.314 for Oboe
Allison Gessner (Adviser: Prof. Bishop)

Breaking the Boundaries of Sound Through Percussion Performance and Composition
Sarah Hoisington (Adviser: Prof. Jones)

Physical Education

The Effects and Expectations of Injury in Division Three Female Athletes: A Pre-Season and Post-Injury Survey
Jennifer Sims (Adviser: Dr. Johnson)


Characterizing the Albion College Longstreet Meteorite
Marci Howdyshell (Advisers: Dr. Zellner (Physics) and Prof. Menold (Geology))

Political Science

Exploration of the Unitary Executive Theory
Elisabeth Gusfa (Adviser: Dr. Rose)


Examining Variance in Psychosomatic Plasticity: The Role of Personality, Religion, and Knowledge of Sleep Deprivation Symptoms
Nick Bismack (Adviser: Dr. Jechura)

Instatement of Excitatory Strength by Means of Appetitive Conditioned Inhibition in the Rat
Cynthia Cardwell (Adviser: Dr. Wilson)

Directed Forgetting of Autobiographical Events in Elementary School Children
Michael Cole (Adviser: Dr. Elischberger)

The Influence of Right Wing Authoritarianism and Social Dominance Orientation on Motivations for Voting
Stephen Sanney (Adviser: Dr. Walter)

Conscientiousness and Protestant Work Ethic Endorsement: A Facet-Level Investigation
Keith Zabel (Adviser: Dr. Christopher)

Religious Studies

Christian Apologetics and Kantian Moral Influences
Jonathan Reynolds (Adviser: Prof. Mourad)


The Runner Stumbles: Catholic Doctrine Discussed Through Dramatic Form
Forrest Hutchins (Adviser: Prof. Starko)