Summer Research Projects, Summer 2014

Art and Art History

Developing A Potter's Process
Austin Christie (Adviser: Lynne Chytilo)

Exploration Into Mid-Range Glaze Techniques For Ceramics
Riley Coon (Adviser: Lynne Chytilo)

Printing Albion's History: An Exploration of Early Documentation
Audrey DeGroot ( Adviser: Ashley Feagin)

Emotions Through Clay
Corissa Detwiler (Adviser: Lynne Chytilo)

Graphic Novel
Hannah Litvan (Advisers: Michael Dixon and Glenn Deutsch)

Developing A Potter's Practice
Katie Monroe (Adviser: Lynne Chytilo)


Nocturnal Desertions and Initiation of Dawn Activity in Female House Wrens (Trolodytes aedon)
Kara Bowers (Advisers: E. Dale Kennedy and Doug White)

Investigation of the Role of sJAM-B in Angiogenesis
Morgan Carey (Adviser: Brad Rabquer)

Analysis of NO3 Concentrations and Nitrate Reducing Bacterial Populations in the Pore Water of Groundwater Seeps Within the Kalamazoo River
Brent Heerspink (Advisers: Ola Olapade and Tim Lincoln)

Digitizing the Holding of the Albion College Herbarium
Matthew Kleinow (Adviser: Dan Skean)

An Exploration of the Relationship Between Biological and Socially Constructed Cultural Identity
Tori Malus (Adviser: Sheila Lyons-Sobaski)

Using the Drosophila model for Study of Mumps
Joseph Silvestri (Adviser: Ken Saville)

Chemotherapy Alternatives Using Vanadium Complexes on Cancer Cells
Victoria Sochor (Adviser: Brad Rabquer)

miRNAs Regulate Adhesion Molecule Expression During Inflamation
Safiya Syed (Adviser: Brad Rabquer)


Silver Nanoparticle Synthesis on Carbon Materials for Water Filtration
Michelle Samson (Adviser: Kevin Metz)

Synthesis and Characterization of Nucleic Acid Aptamers Targeted at Aspergillus Fungus Cell Surface Carbohydrates
Megan Sheridan (Adviser: Christopher Rohlman)

Detecting Trace Amounts of Caffeine and Acetaminophen in Natural Water Sources
Grace Talaski (Adviser: Craig Bieler)

Examining Social Media Policies for NCAA Division I Athletics
Jessica Scott (Adviser: Andy Boyan)



To Tweet Or Not To Tweet: Student Athletes Perspective on Social Media Acceptability
Kristine Baker (Adviser: Andy Boyan)



Preventing Sexual Assault on Albion College's Campus
Bailey Beem (Adviser: Judith Lockyear)

Reading, Writing, and Speaking About Wilde: Crafting the Voices of Oscar Wilde, His Lover, and His Wife
Phillip Carlisle (Adviser: Sally Jordan)

Exploring Nineteenth-Century Motherhood Through the Poems of Sarah Piatt
Tess Haadsma (Adviser: Jess Roberts)

Graphic Novel
Hannah Litvan (Advisers: Glenn Deutsch and Michael Dixon)

The Picture Book: An Exploration of the Relationship Between Text and Image
Cassandra Ward (Adviser: Jess Roberts)

Gender Studies

Anna Howard Shaw: Voice of the Suffrage Movement
Lindsey Marvin (Adviser: Trisha Franzen)



Residence Time of Phosphates in Pore Waters of the Kalamazoo River Watershed
Kayleigh Harvey (Adviser: Tim Lincoln)

Analysis of NO3 Concentrations and Nitrate Reducing Bacterial Populations in the Pore Water of Groundwater Seeps Within the Kalamazoo River
Brent Heerspink (Advisers: Tim Lincoln and Ola Olapade)

Invertebrate Paleontology of the Mississippian Michigan Formation, Bellevue, Michigan
Ruolin Wang (Adviser: William Bartels)


The Ancient School of Law in Mao Zedong's Thought
Patrick Buck (Adviser: Tim O'Neill)

'An Ecstasy of Fumbling': Chemical Weapons and the Changing Nature of Warfare in World War One, 1915-1918
Shelby Fox-Purrier (Adviser: Christopher Hagerman)

Math and Computer Science

Effects of Addition on Prime Factorization with Application to the Collatz Conjecture
Timothy Szocinski (Adviser: Dave Reimann)

Computer Simulation and Mathematical Analysis of Games Using Nonstandard Card Decks
Shuqi Zhou (Adviser: Mark Bollman)


An Exploration of Compositions Through Various Musical Genres
Nicholas Calderon (Adviser: Dan Palmer)

"Designing Music: Arranging for Jazz Ensembles of Various Sizes"
Sarah McDaniel (Adviser: James Ball)


Interpreting Aristotle's De Interpretatione Chaper IX
Alex Kuligowski (Adviser: Jeremy Kirby)


Geological Exploration of Craters on the Far Side of the Moon
Marina Baker (Adviser: Nicolle Zellner)

Research and Implementation of Pedagogical Improvements in and Introductory Physics Laboratory
Donna Lloyd (Adviser: Charles Moreau)


The Relationship Between Sleep and Perceptions of the External World
Rachel Derocher (Adviser: Tammy Jechura)

Boys Don't Cry: Adult Perceptions of Children Who Defy Gender Roles
Jessica Glazier (Adviser: Eric Hill)

The Effects of MK-801 on Learning and Memory in Earthworms
Ashley Glenn (Adviser: W. Jeffrey Wilson)

Understanding the Roles of Retrieval and Reflection in the Testing Effect
Shanti Madhavan (Adviser: Andrea Francis and Mareike Wieth)

The Effects of Herbal Anti-Anxiety Drugs on Escape and Avoidance in the Earthworm
Emily Morlock (Adviser: W. Jeffrey Wilson)


Preservation of Selfhood: A Study of Chinese Nationalism and National Identity
Yuanyuan Liu (Adviser: Lynn Verduzco-Baker)

Greek Life and Diversity at Albion College
Josh Van Laan (Adviser: Lynn Verduzco-Baker)

Women and Gender Studies

The Patriarchy of Welfare Reform: Legislating the Nuclear Family Model
Johanna Schulte (Adviser: Tricia Franzen)