Summer Research Projects, Summer 2013


Intersection of Immigration and Sexuality: Michigan Voices for LGBT Issues in U.S. Immigration
Chelsea Cutright (Adviser: Brian Watkins)

Art and Art History

Exploring the Graphic Novel as an Artistic and Narrative Medium
Sara Jongeward (Adviser: Gary Wahl)


Three-Dimensional Structure Modeling of Anabaena Group I Ribozyme
Alex Schumaker (Adviser: Christopher Rohlman)


Assessment of Microbial Community Dynamics in Aquatic and Adjacent Terrestrial Environments: A Comparative Study Along the Kalamazoo River 
Bradley Baker (Adviser: Ola Olapade)

Alarm Call Modifications and Behavioral Responses to Predatory Threats in Breeding House Wrens
Scott DesRosiers (Adviser: Douglas White)

Determining Hydrolytic Enzyme Activities of Indigenous Microbes Along the Kalamazoo River
Anne Marie Galus (Adviser: Ola Olapade)

Nestling Responses to Alarm and Food Calls of Adult House Wrens
Rachel Kohanov (Adviser: E. Dale Kennedy)

Investigation of the Inhibition of Angiogenesis by sJAM-B Via the SRC Kinase
Adam Kudirka (Adviser: Bradley Rabquer)

Host-Pathogen Interaction in Drosophila and Wolbachia
Jack Manquen (Adviser: Roger Albertson)

A Survey of Parkage Trees in Albion Economic Neighborhoods and Public Housing
Lucas Martin (Adviser: Dan Skean)

An Analysis of the Spread of the Wolbachia Bacterium in Michigan Populations of Drosophila
Allison McClish (Adviser: Roger Albertson)

A Drosophila Model For Characterization of Mumps Virus/Host Interactions
Adam Ronk (Adviser: Ken Saville)

Quantitative Investigation of an Alpha-Synuclein-Proteasome Interaction: A Model for Parkinson's Disease in Drosophila melanogaster
Luke Salbert (Adviser: Ken Saville)

Annotating Fosmids in Drosophila
Brittney Stanton (Adviser: Ken Saville)

Effect of sJAM-C on Monocyte Migration Through ERK Pathway
Lizzie Tuma (Adviser: Bradley Rabquer)

The Prevalence and Intensity of Aeromonas Hydrophila in Frog Populations in South Central Michigan
Anna Ward (Adviser: Dean McCurdy)


Investigation of Phosphate-Catalyzed Dimerization of Simple Sugars
Erica Earl (Adviser: Vanessa McCaffrey)

The Taylor Reaction: An Exploration Into Vinylboronic Compounds
Jillian McManaman (Adviser: Cliff Harris)

Room Temperature Synthesis of Shaped Palladium Nanoparticles on Carbon Microspheres
Stephanie Sanders (Adviser: Kevin Metz)

Manganese Chemistry in an Automated Liquid Handler
Brendan Wass (Adviser: Cliff Harris)

Economics and Management

Marxian and Keynesian Approaches to Economic Crisis With the Focus On the Great Recession
Tram Hoang (Adviser: Gregory Saltzman)

Capital Account Liberalization
John Rogers (Adviser: Bohan Ilievski)


Jane Austen and Christianity: How Austen's Works Reflect Her Views
Elizabeth Nykamp (Adviser: Sally Jordan)

Investigating Creative Nonfiction: Climate Change and the Younger Generation
Olivia Potoczak (Adviser: Nels Christensen)

Artistic Creation As a Means of Overcoming the Horrors of Trench Warfare
Emma Stapley (Adviser: Mary Collar)

Are Superheros a Modern Mythology?
Travis Trombley (Adviser: Amity Reading)

Realizing the Body Through Poetry
Lindsay Weiss (Adviser: Mary Collar)


Lava Glow Analysis: Insight Into the Past Volcanic Activity of the Black Rock Desert, Utah
Ben Hinks (Adviser: Thomas Wilch)

Investigating the Fluid Mediated Chemical Exchange Between Eclogite and Orthogneiss During Ultrahigh Pressure Metamorphism in the Tso Morari Terrane, Indian Himalayas
David Huggins (Adviser: Carrie Menold)

Spatial and Temporal Measurements of the Sources of Groundwater Entering the Kalamazoo River and Rice Creek
Heidi Keller (Adviser: Tim Lincoln)

Invertebrate Palaeontology of the Mississippian Bayport Limestone, Bellevue, Michigan
Evan New (Adviser: Bill Bartels)

Using Remote Sensing and Field Spectrometry to Discriminate Maize and Soybeans for Cropland Mapping Applications
Hannah Pankratz (Adviser: Michael McRivette)

Fluid Inclusion Study of the Black Hills
James Reynolds (Adviser: Tim Lincoln)

Stream Channel Morphology and Ground Water Flow and its Relationship to Diel Turbidity Cycles
Noelle Scelina (Adviser: Thomas Wilch)

Description of a Remarkable Occurrence of Fossil Turtles From the Eocene of Wyoming
Glenn Tigner (Adviser: Bill Bartels)


The War: The Impact of World War II on Albion College
Christopher Blaker (Adviser: Wesley Dick)

American Perceptions of Mao Zedong Since 1937
Patrick Buck (Adviser: Midori Yoshii)


Dividing By Zero
Rebecca Guntz (Adviser: Mark Bollman)

An Investigation Into Wheel Theory
Brian Wu (Adviser: Mark Bollman)


Is Silence Golden?: Creating a Soundtrack For a Silent Film
Brandon Douglas (Adviser: Samuel McIlhagga)

Marching Percussion: The Art of Creative Redesign
Elizabeth Renaud (Adviser: Samuel McIlhagga)

Spoken Word Poetry: Translating It to Paper
Raysha Stacey (Adviser: Marureen Balke)


Classical Conditioning in the Earthworm (Lumbricus terrestris): An Olfactory Paradigm
Holly Paxton (Adviser: W. Jeffrey Wilson)

Language and Creativity
Emma Schaff (Advisers: Andrea Francis and Mareike Wieth)

Reducing Health Anxiety when Investigating Health Conditions Online
Danielle Wesolowicz (Adviser: Mareike Wieth)

Sleep, Nutrition, and Performance in College Athletes
Alexandra Yaw (Adviser: Tammy Jechura)


Statistical Analysis of Lunar Impact Products
Stefan Blachut (Adviser: Nicolle Zellner)

Political Science

A New Deal For Michigan
Salaina Catalano (Adviser: Wesley Dick)


Wharf Rats: Ex-Addicts Still Touring The Greatful Dead
Joshua Cohen (Adviser: Scott Melzer)

How Hip-Hop Is Reviving Detroit
Walter Kacher (Adviser: Lynn Verduzco-Baker)


The Actor's Path: Antiquity to Modern Day
Callie Bussell (Adviser: Robert Starko)

Women and Gender Studies

Aftercare For Sex Trafficking Survivors
Nora Riggs (Adviser: Tricia Franzen)