Research Grants 2019-2020

In Need of a Friend
Scott Wistenhausen  (Advisor: Michael Dixon)

A Study of Escherichia coli pausing of in vivo transcription utilizing CRISPR/dCas9 protein
Sara Crisenbery & Max King  (Advisor: Chris Rohlman)

A Study of T7 RNA Polymerase Interaction Utilizing CRISPR/dCas9 Protein
Khulan Enkhbaatar  (Advisor: Chris Rohlman)

Screening Genetic Markers for Variants within Sabatia angularis populations
CJ Morton  (Advisor: Shelia Lyons-Sobaski)

Synthesizing Azo Tie-2 Kinase Inhibitor and c-Kit Kinase Inhibitor for Treating Cancers
San Pham  (Advisor: Craig Streu

Directed Evolution of Nanobodies for Dengue Virus
Anna Crysler  (Advisor: Craig Streu)

Evaluation of Photoswitchable C-Raf Inhibitors
Marah Ranger  (Advisor: Craig Streu)

Synthesis of a Small Molecule Azo-PD-1/PD-L1 Inhibitor
Noah Robertson  (Advisor: Craig Streu)

Controlling Quorum Sensing Bacteria with Light-Sensitive Molecules
Shelby Stajdl  (Advisor: Craig Streu)

Development of Pseudomonas syringae binding antibodies
Peter Filbrandt  (Advisor: Craig Streu)

Building a human Rights Tool-Kit for Campus and Community Change
Morgan Armstrong, Marco Comenares & Caitlin Cummings   (Advisor: Carrie Walling)

Factors Affecting the Persistence of Gender Nononformity
Rachel Schott  (Advisor: Eric Hill)

The Relationship Between Sleep and Sentencing
Jessica Sysak  (Advisor: Tammy Jechura)

How have the policy responses of the South African Government - BEE Programs
Isabel Allaway  (Advisor: Matt Schoene)

Clickbait and Clicktivisim: The Impact of Social Networking Sites on the 2018 High School Walkouts
Nicole McCann  (Advisor: Matt Schoene)