Research Grants 2018-2019

Anthropology / Sociology

Surveying the Zooarchaeology of Early Modern London
Mackie Black (Advisor: Brad Chase)


Unraveling the Mode of Action of Vanadiaum Containing Metallodrug Complexes Through Crystallographics Studies
Zerick Dill (Advisor: Vanessa McCaffrey)

Mating Recognition of Ciliary Membrance in Tetrahymena
Alexander Trujillo (Advisor: Marcella Cervantes


Exploring the Microbial Communities in a Michigan In-Land Salt Marsh using Combinations of Molecular Approaches
Cutis Morton (Advisor: Ola Olapade)

Influence of Mating Type Protiens on Mating Type Recognition in Tetrahymena thermophile
Taylor Rosenthal (Advisor: Marcella Cervantes)

Investigating Aphid “superclone” Status
Katie Ferrero (Advisor: Abby Cahill)


Microwave Assisted Duff Formylation Reactions
Annika Markovich (Advisor: Vanessa McCaffrey)

Isolation and Characterization of Lemongrass Components Using Various Extraction Techniques
Shakara Jordan (Advisor: Craig Bieler)

Synthesis and Characterization of quorum sensing molecules
Taylor Karns (Advisor: Craig Streu)

Synthesis and Characterization of a Novel Photoisomerable Azo-Stilbene Smoothened Inhibitor
Brock Swartz (Advisor: Craig Streu)

Synthesis and Characterization of azo-containing molecules
Emilee Weiblen (Advisor: Craig Streu)


The Relationship bewteen music and identity
Anna Watson (Advisor: Katey Price) 

Economics & Management

The Effect of Pop Culture's Sterotypes on America's Bean Counters
Maggie Fowler (Advisor: John Carlson) 


Analyze Metamorphic rock samples at Noble Gas Laboratory at Stanford
Alex Hoinville (Advisor: Mick McRivette) 


Autonomous Vehicle Decision Making
Rachel Appel (Advisor: Mareike Weith)

How do children’s understanding of the appearance-reality distinction and reliability of the interviewer impact children’s responses to false claims?
Marianne Krause (Advisor: Andrea Francis)

Out of Control: Social Attitudes Towards Alcohol
Lucas Lusk (Advisor: Andrew Christopher)

The Relastionship bewteen Message-Framing, Gender and Intentions to Vaccinate
Laurel McGerty (Advisor: Tammy Jechura)

Does a Defendant's Gender and Gender Role Matter in a Mock Courtroom Setting?
Emily Mudd (Advisor: Eric Hill)

Gender, Sexism and Narcissism as Predictors of Resource Allocation
Ian Stewart (Advisor: Andrew Christopher)

Creativity and Eating Disorders
Tessa Triest (Advisor: Mareike Weith)


Institutional Distrust as Observed at Albion College
Sydney Graham (Advisor: Matt Schoene)

An Analysis of Refugee Integration in Battle Creek, Michigan
Maggie Belcher (Advisor: Matt Scheonne)