Research Grants 2017-2018


Campus Climate: The Rise of Contemporary Student Activism on College Campuses
Jenna Beemer (Advisor: Ashley Feagin)

Colony Collapse and Bees
Athena Balcoff (Advisor: Lynne Chytilo)

Creating a Knowledge-Base for Post Grad Life
Alexandra Balavich (Advisor: Lynne Chytilo


Synthesis of an Azologue of Niolotinib a Drug that Treats Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

Marcin Kazmierczak (Advisor: Craig Streu)

Creation of the Azo Derivative Compound
Alexandra Rola (Advisor: Craig Streu)


Discovering the Genetic Differences Among Horses of Varying Muscle Types
Megan Reilly (Advisor: Shelia Lyons-Sobaski)

“Jumping” Genes Out and Back in the DNA of Drosophila Using the Hobo Element
Anna Miller (Advisor: Ken Saville)


Perchlorate Ion Reduction Vai Metallic Carbon Catalusts
Liliya Chernyshdeva (Advisor: Kevin Metz)

Catalytic Microspheres
Alex Reid (Advisor: Kevin Metz)


Brothels in Early Modern London
Emily Allison (Advisor: Ian MacInnes)


Difference in Gender and Perception of Behaviors in Service Oriented Careers
Grace Boudjalis (Advisor: Andrew Christopher)

Cortisol and Empathy
Samantha Ely (Advisor: Mareike Wieth)

The Effects of Time Pressure on Risk-Taking and Investments Decisions
Taylor Sandberg (Advisor: Andrew Christopher)

Predictors of Help-Seeking Stigmas in Minority Groups
Victoria Stewart (Advisor: Eric Hill)

Self-Esteem, Gender, and Ego Threat: Predicting Benevolent and Hostile Sexism
Ian Stewart   (Advisor: Eric Hill)


Transnational Adoptees, Mixed Race people and International Students Studying in the United States
Erin Boyle (Advisor: Lynn Verduzco-Baker)