Research Grants 2008-2009


Detection of the nematode Skrjabinoclava morrisoni in the Tanaid Shrimp Descapseudes surinamensis in Suriname
Carlson, Kelyn (Advisor: Dr. Dean McCurdy)

Molecular Characterization of the Vestigial-Almost Mutant Allele
Smith, Karl (Advisor: Dr. Ken Saville)

The Demography of the Intertidal Mud Shrimp Discapseudes Surinamensis
Tauzer, Erica (Advisor: Dr. Dean McCurdy)           


Synthesis and Characterization of Fluorescently Labeled Ribozyme Substrates
Freeman, Thomas (Advisor: Dr. Christopher Rohlman)        

Synthesis and Evaluation of a Salen-Type Chiral Hypervalent Iodine Reagent
Kirk, Laura  (Advisor: Dr. Andrew French)    

Synthesis and Characterization of a Novel Chiral Gypervalent Iodine Reagent
Logan, Matthew (Advisor: Dr. Andrew French)    

Fluorescence Analysis of Group I Introns using and ABI Prism 310 Genetic Sequencer
Stevens, Timothy (Advisor: Dr. Christopher Rohlman)        


Designing m(id), an Online Magazine
Bendall, Elizabeth (Advisor: Dr. Laura Williams)

Access to Care in Cook County's Urban Healthcare Safety Net
Schaefer, Margaret (Advisor: Dr. Gene Cline)                    


Formation of Color Index HR Diagrams through Multi-Wavelength Photometry
Simanton, Lesley (Advisor: Dr. Nicolle Zellner)      


Sleep Patterns in Juvenile Pogona Vitticeps
McKelvy, Alexander (Advisor: Dr. Tammy Jechura)   

Lay Representations of CAD
Sparschu, Kristin (Advisor: Dr. Mary Jenson)         

Personality Differences in Investment Choices
Zabel, Kevin (Advisor: Dr. Andrew Christopher)