Research Grants 2002-2003

The following students were awarded research grants for the 2002-03 academic year:

Kristen Abraham (Adviser: Drew Christopher, Psychology) - Conflict resolution in interpersonal relationships.

Travis Boyd (Adviser: Drew Christopher, Psychology) - Burnout in Division III college athletes.

Nicole Casey (Adviser: Dean McCurdy, Biology) - Parasitism and anti-predator behavior in the soft-shell clam, Mya arenaria.

Nicole Clouthier (Adviser: Mimi Schippers, Sociology) - Gender, families, and the work of kinship.

Wynne Dawley (Adviser: Jeff Wilson, Psychology) - The effect of piracetam on working and reference memory in a delayed non-matching to sample task.

Emily Dobbins (Adviser: Barbara Keyes, Psychology) - Children's perceptions of interparental conflict.

Sarah DiPonio (Adviser: Jamie Walter, Psychology) - Value of pets in the lives of children.

Elizabeth Haas (Adviser: Drew Christopher, Psychology) - Mental illness in the workplace.

Hannon Hogan (Adviser: Barbara Keyes, Psychology) - Perceptions and overall well-being in children.

Robert Koch (Adviser: Mimi Schippers, Sociology) - Japanese Hardcore: an ethnographic study and analysis.

Kirstin Leiby (Adviser: Barbara Keyes, Psychology) - Building assets in middle school girls: an impact study.

Teresa Liedtke (Adviser: Michael Meloth, Education) - A glimpse at education in Ecuador: How I have learned a little more about the world.

Dana Lobelle (Adviser: Barbara Keyes, Psychology) - Female self-description as related to self-identification as a feminist.

Marci Nelson (Adviser: Molly Mullin, Anthropology) - Missionary helpers: an anthropology of evangelical missions.

Leonard Noel (Adviser: Drew Christopher, Psychology) - Religiosity, materialism, and psychological well-being.

Anne Polmanter (Adviser: Tom Chambers, History) - "It shall be thus and so" - The Women's Self-Government Association of Susanna Wesley Hall, 1926-1936.

Cortney Schaffer (Adviser: Tom Chambers, History) - "Home Alive in '45!" Albion College and the G. I. Bill of Rights, 1945-1950.

Tara Springer (Adviser: Jamie Walter, Psychology) - Parental satisfaction with their child's preschool.