Research Grants 2003-2004

The following students were awarded research grants for the 2003-04 academic year:

Anjali Arora (Adviser: David Green, Chemistry) - Investigation of the holding time limits of a number of semi-volatile organic compounds.

Angela Baeckeroot (Adviser: Len Berkey, Sociology) - Case study: the city of Livonia and how it was affected by the 1967 riot in Detroit.

Jennifer Barrett (Adviser: Jamie Walter, Psychology) - Disordered body concept and its relationship with health choices among adolescents.

Meghan Caswell (Adviser: Jamie Walter, Psychology) - The relationship between sociometric status and social strategies and goals among friends and non-friends.

Amber Chenoweth (Adviser: Jeff Wilson, Psychology) - Experimental neurosis in the rat.

Darcy Crain (Adviser: Barbara Keyes, Psychology) - An exploration in children's stereotypes of skin color: an innovative approach.

CJ DuBois (Adviser: Barbara Keyes, Psychology) - Case study of an "at risk" middle school girl.

Eric Grunow (Adviser: Molly Scheel, Biology) - Cloning of Artemia Netrin-B gene through degenerate PCR.

Jessica Hauser (Adviser: Jamie Walter, Psychology) - Interactions between parents' status, family conflict, and sibling relationships in late adolescence.

Joshua Hodges (Adviser: Jeff Wilson, Psychology) - The role of the estrous cycle on differentiation in a conditioning task.

Mike Kopec (Adviser: Dean McCurdy, Biology) - Characterization, transmission, and costs of parasitism of a microsporidian infecting the intertidal amphipod Corophium volutator.

Kirstin Leiby (Adviser: Amy Otto, Psychology) - The problem of social desirability: introducing continuous response measurement in making social judgments.

Kendra Malcomnson (Adviser: Drew Christopher, Psychology) - The interrelationship between Protestant work ethic, religiosity, and homonegativism.

Kimberly Mutch (Adviser: Drew Christopher, Psychology) - Perceptions of organizational explanations for a transgression.

Stephanie Pendrys (Adviser: Allan Horstman, History) - The legacy of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League: 60 years later.

Alyssa Russell (Adviser: Molly Mullin, Anthropology) - The Ohio River Valley Mounds: a comprehensive view.

Lindsay Sander (Adviser: Barbara Keyes, Psychology) - A natural history of a psychiatric partial hospitalization program: comparison of two cohorts.

Rachel Todd (Adviser: Len Berkey, Sociology) - Responding to bioterrorism: an analysis of state and local responses to the threat of smallpox.

Lexie Watkins
Project #1 (Adviser: Roop Jayaraman, Physical Education) - The use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in the study of glucosamine sulfate supplementation on delayed muscle soreness.
Project #2 (Adviser: Trisha Franzen, Women's and Gender Studies) - Perception of and homophobia toward female collegiate coaches.