Research Grants 2004-2005

The following students have been awarded research grants for the current academic year:

Ashley Alker (Adviser: Ken Saville, Biology) - DNA repair following hobo excision from the dpp gene in Drosophila.

Jeremy Benton (Adviser: Drew Christopher, Psychology) - Factors mediating anxiety toward death and dying.

Virginia Cangelosi (Adviser: Cliff Harris, Chemistry) - A mechanistic study of the oxidation of organoboranes with potassium permanganate.

Sarah Carver (Adviser: Luti Erbežnik) - Development of a FISH (fluorescence in-situ hybridization)-based method to detect fecal coliform bacteria in Rice Creek.

Kristen Chapman (Adviser: Tammy Jechura, Psychology) - Olfactory kinship recognition in horses.

Stephen Fritz (Adviser: Tammy Jechura, Psychology) - Unconscious priming of mirrored words: explorations in subliminal perception.

Jaime Fornetti (Adviser: Ken Saville, Biology) - DNA repair following hobo excision from the x-chromosome in male Drosophila.

Heather Holleman (Adviser: Barbara Keyes, Psychology) - An examination of cognitive abilities while hearing distressing voices.

Lori Karakashian (Adviser: Mark Walter, Psychology) - The effect of shyness on helping behavior.

Scott Kortlandt (Adviser: Cliff Harris, Chemistry) - Oxidation of organoboranes: solvent study and reactant analysis.

Laura Krasean (Adviser: Barbara Keyes, Psychology) - The effect of stress management vs. standard of care physical therapy on patients with sub-acute back pain.

Kristen Krum ( Adviser: Dean McCurdy, Biology) - Frequency of Aeromonas hydrophila bacteria on adult frogs.

Corey Madura (Adviser: Mark Walter, Psychology) - Predicting personality characteristics of targets varying in race and sexual orientation.

Whitney McCleneghan (Adviser: Molly Mullin, Anthropology) - A forgotten past: historical reconstruction through an analysis of Muslim pottery excavated at Torre d'en Galmes.

Shannon McGuire (Adviser: Jamie Walter, Psychology) - Responses to relational aggression: the role of sociometric status and friendship level.

Marián Novak (Adviser: Luti Erbežnik, Biology) - Isolation of xylose regulator in Thermoanaerobacter ethanolicus.

Lindsey Paskvan (Adviser: Len Berkey, Sociology) - Adolescent identity formation in a competitive artistic environment: reflections from a Midwestern performing arts school alumni and faculty.

Maria Pintar (Adviser: Jamie Walter, Psychology) - Conflict and post-conflict behaviors among preschool children.

Caroline Reinhart (Adviser: Trisha Franzen, Women's and Gender Studies) - Surviving: an examination of social networks among domestic violence victims.

Janan Saba (Adviser: Barbara Keyes, Psychology) - Impact of pre-college experience on at-risk students.

Samata Singhi (Adviser: Greg Saltzman, Economics and Management) - Issues of access in American healthcare.

Christopher Smith (Adviser: Cliff Harris, Chemistry) - Optimization of boran coupling reaction for use in synthetic organic chemistry.

Keith Sprague (Adviser: Dean McCurdy, Biology) - The use of visible implants to mark small animals.

Amanda Stanton (Adviser: Ken Saville, Biology) - DNA repair following hobo excision in somatic cells in Drosophila.

Yen Thieu (Adviser: Wes Dick, History) - Sustainable tourism in Sa Pa: How to preserve the indigenous culture while creating a sustainable economy?

Katherine Vojtko (Adviser: Drew Christopher, Psychology) - Self-presentation perceptions on dental anxiety.

Amy Weinmeister (Adviser: Anne McCauley, Art and Art History) - Dwellings.

Mark Weismiller (Adviser: Ken Saville, Biology) - DNA repair following excision of the hobo element from the x-chromosome in female Drosophila.