Research Grants 2005-2006

The following students have been awarded research grants for the current academic year:

Ashley Alker (Adviser: Ken Saville, Biology) - DNA repair.

Spencer Dawson (Adviser: Mark Walter, Psychology) - The impact of social dominance orientation and right-wing authoritarianism on similarity effects in biracial elections.

Jaime Fornetti (Adviser: Ken Saville, Biology) - DNA repair following hobo excisions from the x-chromosome in male Drosophila.

Michelle Ilitch (Adviser: Geoff Cocks, History) - The appeals of Nazism: the development of fascist ideology.

Ross O'Hara (Adviser: Mark Walter, Psychology) - The parsimony of electoral decision making.

Cam Harris (Adviser: Tammy Jechura, Psychology) - The effect of alcohol on jet lag recovery in the Octodon degus.

Maria Pintar (Adviser: Jamie Walter, Psychology) - Preschool children's conflict and postconflict behaviors.

Troy Piwowarski (Adviser: Doug Goering, Art and Art History) - On my best behaviour: an artistic reconstruction of the American Serial Killer.

Troy Piwowarski (Adviser: Mark Walter, Psychology) - The effects of mortality salience and literal immortality on the prejudicial beliefs of right-wing authoritarians, social dominants, and religious fundamentalists.

Karly Redburn (Adviser: Jamie Walter, Psychology) - Adolescent conflict between siblings and peers: affective quality and conflict resolution.

Joe Taylor (Adviser: Scott Melzer, Sociology) - HIV/AIDS and homelessness in transitional housing: problems and barriers.

Amanda Tilot (Adviser: David Reimann, Mathematics & Computer Science) - The history of mathematics and computer science at Albion College.

Jonathan Zombeck (Adviser: Jeff Wilson, Psychology) - Nicotine's interaction with ginseng in behavior using anxiety assays.