Research Grants 2007-2008

Art and Art History

Through Autistic Eyes
Mallory Below (Adviser: Dr. Wickre)

Photograph Portfolios
Shelby Davis (Adviser: Prof. Wahl)


Associations Between Livestock Farms and Rice Creek's Health: A Microbiological Examination
Molly Estill (Adviser: Dr. Olapade)

Nesting Biology of an endangered Turtle
Megan Lupek (Adviser: Dr. McCurdy)

Temporal Changes in the Bacterial Populations in Bio Films of Teeth of a Typical Albion College Student in Response to Daily Diet Changes
Elizabeth White (Adviser: Dr. Olapade)


The Synthesis of a New Class of Chiral Hypervalent Iodine Reagents
Chelsea Boundy (Adviser: Dr. French)

Synthesis of Molecular Magnets
Andrew Brusoe (Adviser: Dr. McCaffrey)

Synthesis and Characterization of Fluorescently Labeled Ribonucleic Acid "Ribozyme" Substrates
Thomas Freeman (Adviser: Dr. Rohlman)

FRET Analysis of the Twort Group I Ribozyme
Christopher Henes (Adviser: Dr. Rohlman)

A Study of the Mechanism of Formation of Symmetric Bis-Dibenziodolium Salts
Shauna Paradine (Adviser: Dr. French)

Synthesis and Examination of Chiral Tetrahydropyranyl and Tetrahydrofuranyl Acetals and Chiral Silicates in Hypervalent Iodine Reagents
Philipp Roosen (Adviser: Dr

Synthesis and Evaluation of a New Chiral Hypervalent Iodine Reagent Based on 1-iodo-2-naphthol
Ryan Stowe (Dr. French)


Traditional Medicine from the Eyes of the Consumer
Kwame Sakyi (Adviser: Dr. Carotenuto)

Honors Institute

Developing a Novel Genetic Assay to Measure Reverse Transcriptase Fidelity
Rasleen Saluja (Adviser: Prof. Saville)

Emotional Development: The Expression of Negative Affect in Children
Shannon Taylor (Adviser: Dr. Walter)


Examining Variance in Psychosomatic Plasticity: Personality Correlates of the Thin Boundary Individual
Nick Bismack (Adviser: Dr. Jechura)

Effects of Early Social Isolation on Development of Octodon degus: An Animal Model for Depression and Eating Disorders?
Katelyn Boswell (Dr. Jechura)

Lessons on Skin Color: Impact of Skin Color Lessons on Racial Attitudes
Rachelle Cantin (Adviser: Dr. Keyes)

Instatement of Excitatory Assoc. in an Unreinforced Novel Stimulus through Simultaneous Presentation with a Conditioned Inhibitor
Cynthia Cardwell (Adviser: Dr. Wilson)

Conditioned Inhibition of the Human Eyeblink Response with a Masking Task
Cynthia Cardwell (Adviser: Dr. Wilson)

Directed Forgetting of Autobiographical Events in School-Age Children
Michael Cole (Adviser: Dr. Elischberger)

Time of Day Effects on Problem Solving
Cameron Harris (Adviser: Dr. Wieth)

Spacial Memory Tasks and Time of Day Effects in Octodon Degus
Catherine Lumley (Adviser: Dr. Jechura)

The Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Attraction
Ian Mondrow (Adviser: Dr. Jechura)

Stressor Effects on Acquisition and Recall of a Spatial Memory Task
Amy Salmeto (Adviser: Dr. Wilson)

The Effect of Right-Wing Authoritarianism and Social Dominance Orientation on Motivations for Voting
Stephen Sanney (Adviser: Dr. Walter)

The Effects of Seasonal Changes in Light Onset on the Re-entrainment Rate of 12-h Phase-Shifted Octodon degus
Dorela Shuboni (Adviser: Dr. Jechura)

Reconciliation and Social Competence in Preschool Aged Children
Lake Sweet (Adviser: Dr. Walter)

Effect of Circadian Disruption on Pregnancy and Development of the Octodon degus
Amanda Tilot (Adviser: Dr. Jechura)

Protestant Work Ethic and Neuroticism: A Facet-Level Investigation
Keith Zabel (Adviser: Dr. Christopher)


A Day at the Movies: Cinematic Violence and its Effects on Perceptions of Masculinity and Patriarchal Ideology
Bethany Coston (Adviser: Prof. Melzer)