Research Grants 2011-2012


Detection of Escheriachia Coli's Beta-flucuronidase Gene From Environmental Samples Using Combinations of Conventional and Real Time PCR Approaches
Jessica Koehler (Adviser: Dr. Olapade)


Advanced Studies in Sugar Science
Erica Bennett (Adviser: Dr. McCaffrey)

Transcriptional Optimization of Fluorescently Labeled Anabaena Group 1 Ribozyme
Caitlin Bolick (Adviser: Dr. Rohlman

Synthesis and Evaluation of a New Chiral Aryl Iodide Organocatalyst
Jacqueline Chung (Adviser: Dr. French)

Optimization of the PdNP Catalyzed Suzuki Reaction
John Kronner (Adviser: Dr. Harris)

Measuring the Correlation Between Wine pH and Phenol Level Detection
Nicholas Long (Adviser: Dr. McCaffrey)

Synthesis and Evaluation of a Novel Class of Diiodide Hypervalent Iodine Reagents
Alex Nanna (Adviser: Dr. French)

Synthesis and Evaluation of a New Substrate for Aryl Iodide Organocatalysis
Phu Khat Nwe (Adviser: Dr. French)

Trifluoromethylation of Duff Formylated Iodo Substituted Phenols
Mitch Pender (Adviser: Dr. McCaffrey)

Screening of Neutrophil and Immune Related Proteins Against Ebolavirus ZairesGP (a Non-Pathogenic Viral Protein)
Adam Ronk (Adviser: Dr. Saville

Synthesis and Evaluation of a Resorcinol Derived Chiral Aryllodide: A New Class of Organocatalysts
Brandon Sams (Adviser: Dr. French)

Isolation and Characterization of Podophyllotoxin From Mayapple and Other Plants
Krysta Schroeder (Adviser: Dr. French)

Palladium Nanoparticle Catalyzed Vinyl-Aryl Suzuki Reaction Coupling
Jeffrey Smith (Adviser: Dr. Harris)

Exploration of the Breadth of the PdNP Catalyzed Suzuki Reaction
Jeffrey Smith (Adviser: Dr. Harris)


Catherine Velez (Adviser: Dr. Erlandson)


Second Generation Latinos' Perception of Hispanic Print Advertisements
Sandra Nahra (Adviser: Dr. Kanter)


Escape and Avoidance Learning in the Earthworm
Nicole Ferrara (Adviser: Dr. Wilson)

Philosophies and Success Rates of Anorexia Nervosa Treatment
Katie Pickworth (Adviser: Dr. Keyes)

Philosophies, Methods, and Success Rates of Anorixia Nervosa Treatment
Kate Pickworth (Adviser, Dr. Keyes)