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Alex Kuligowski

Alex Kuligowski helped with planning for an Albion Makerspace. Read more »

Alena Farooq

Alena Farooq worked on the City of Albion's recreation plan. Read more »

Melanie Fodera

Melanie Fodera wrote a novel-length piece inspired by journal entries. Read more »

Lauren Rasmussen

Lauren Rasmussen studied metalloid concentration in river microbes. Read more »

Kevin Claucherty

Kevin Claucherty vaporized metals to protect PET machines. Read more »

Jessica McKindles

Jessica McKindles studied counseling and family cohesiveness. Read more »

Emily Ebaugh

Emily Ebaugh prepared fossilized turtles. Read more »

Danielle Nelson

Danielle Nelson worked on connecting state-wide trail systems. Read more »

Brandon Moretti

Brandon Moretti worked on cancer research. Read more »

Audrey DeGroot made wet-plate photographs with a large format camera. Read more »

  • Alex Kuligowski
  • Alena Farooq
  • Melanie Fodera
  • Lauren Rasmussen
  • Kevin Claucherty
  • Jessica McKindles
  • Emily Ebaugh
  • Danielle Nelson
  • Brandon Moretti

FURSCA is the Foundation for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity.

And it's where you’ll find solutions to real problems.

Investigation. Interpretation. Presentation. Put them together and you have one of the highest forms of learning. At the Foundation for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (FURSCA), we pair students with faculty mentors to develop and carry out research and other creative projects. Our programs are open to students in every discipline.

It’s hands-on.
It’s original.
It’s creative.
And it’s all up to you.

You’ll choose your subject, develop your methodology, pursue your interest, interpret your findings, and present the results. The Elkin R. Isaac Student Research Symposium is held one day each spring, and classes are canceled to allow the entire campus to attend. So immerse yourself in the subjects that inspire you. And be ready for your next big step.

**Student Proposal Deadlines**
Fall Research Grant - Rolling Deadline
Fall Conference Grant - Rolling Deadline
Spring Research Grant - Friday, April 1
Spring Conference Grant - Friday, April 15
Summer Research Grant - Friday, February 11th at Noon

** Faculty Deadlines **
Fall 2021 Rolling
Spring 2022 TBA
Summer 2022 - Monday, February 14th at Noon

The full guidelines for writing FURSCA proposals are found in the FULL GUIDELINES FOR WRITING FURSCA PROPOSALS document.
Rubric for writing grants