The PathFinder program seeks to reward you for not just attending enriching activities, but also reflecting upon them. We believe that this basic reflection will lead to a deeper understanding to what truly matters in your life. Spending just a few minutes thinking about an activity, class, leadership position, or student sport will help identify your life's passion or "calling."

Participation Levels

Initial Participation - PathFinder Beanie Hat

Any reflection submission or attendance at a What Matters and Why Dinner will automatically enroll you into the program.

The Pathfinder hat is light grey with a gold pathfinder logo.

100 Points - Reusable Straw

pathfinder straw is metal and comes with a pathfinder carrying pouch.

150 Points - Pathfinder Mug (while supplies last) or PathFinder Tumbler

pathfinder tumbler is clear plastic with a purple tintPathFinder Mug is black with a gold pathfinder logo, the rim flares out.

300 Points - PathFinder Long-Sleeve Shirt

PathFinder Long-Sleeve T-Shirt is grey or black, featuring the pathfinder logo on the left breast.

450 Points - PathFinder Scarf

The Pathfinder scarf is grey with a large pathfinder logo at the end.

600 Points - PathFinder Quarter Zip Pullover

PathFinder Quarter zip pullover is grey, featuring the pathfinder logo on the left breast, and has a zipper.

1,000 Points-Lapel Pin and Graduation Cord (signifying completion of PathFinder Program).