Directory Information

At its discretion the College may provide Directory Information in accordance with the provisions of the Act to include:  Name, Local Address, Permanent Address, Name of Parent(s)/Guardian(s), Local Phone Number, Dates of Attendance, Degrees Earned, Dates of Degrees, Awards/Honors/Scholarships, Major, Sports and Activities, Height and Weight of Members of Athletic Teams, Adviser, Concentrations, Computer User Name. It should be known that it is the College's choice to release this information, and careful consideration is given to all requests to insure that the information is not released indiscriminately.  A student may withhold Directory Information by notifying the Registrar's Office in writing within two weeks after the first day of class for the fall term.  

Requests for non-disclosure will be honored by the institution for only one academic year; therefore, authorization to withhold Directory Information must be filed annually in the Registrar's Office.  

A record of all disclosures will be maintained in the student record, except when the request is made by

(1) the eligible student
(2) a school official who has been determined to have a legitimate educational interest
(3) a party with written consent from the eligible student, or
(4) a party seeking directory information

The record of each disclosure will contain the name of the parties who have requested or received information and the legitimate interest the parties had in requesting or obtaining the information.