Carl Pressprich, '14


My interest in engineering started when…

I was a little boy. I was always putting together, breaking apart, and fixing things around me out of curiosity to learn how the world works.

My Albion education has given me…

The tools I need to think analytically about engineering problems. This allows me to direct my curiosity towards making a difference in the way people interact with things, each other, and their environment.

On transferring to the University of Michigan

The preparation I received at Albion is more than adequate to meet the rigors of the University of Michigan, allowing me to dive right into the engineering curriculum. The breadth of knowledge, experiences, and skills I received at Albion will be a huge asset moving forward as a young professional.

My internship experience at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
allowed me to...

Contribute to a project focused on wireless data transfer security, which has a real impact on the modern world. This experience gave me a great opportunity to branch out, gain work experience, meet people, and do exciting things. Because of Albion, I was able to do all of this and still earn credit towards my dual degree.