Sample Plan of Study

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The below scenario is an example of the classes an engineering student at Albion College would take to successfully complete the program in three years. Exact courses vary with engineering discipline and must be selected in consultation with an adviser. This schedule assumes no advanced placement transfer credit. If such AP credit exists, the below schedule would be more flexible.


Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Year 1

Math 141: Calculus I

Physics 167: Analytical Physics I

Liberal Arts 101: First-Year Experience

Computer Science 171: Intro to Computer Science I

Math 143: Calculus II

Physics 168: Analytical Physics II

English 101: English Composition

Textual Analysis Course (e.g., Intro to Philosophy)

Year 2

Math 245: Multivariable Calculus

Chemistry 121: Structure & Equilibrium

Physics 243: Methods of Mathematical Physics I

Global Category Course (e.g., International

Non-science Elective (e.g., economics or music)

Math 247: Differential Equations & Linear Algebra

Chemistry 123: Inorganic Chemistry, Intro

Physics 244: Methods of Mathematical Physics II

Economics & Management 101: Microeconomics

Non-science Elective (e.g., foreign language study)

Year 3

Physics 245: Electronics

Ethnicity Category Course (e.g., Social

Elective (e.g., anthropology, ethics, or English)

Elective (e.g., more computer science, math, or physics)

Physics 191: Physics & Astronomy Seminar

Physics 250: Modern Physics

Math/Physics 375: Introduction to Solid Mechanics

Elective (e.g., more courses to pick up a minor)

Elective (e.g., music, history, art, or communication)

Year 4
Year 5

Study in engineering program at transfer university.