Tselmeg Mendsaikhan, '22

Major: Finance and Math with Actuarial Emphasis
Co-curriculars and extracurriculars: Varsity tennis team, Delta Tau Delta
Hometown: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Currently, what is your plan for after Albion?

After graduating, I would like to work at either finance firms or for big companies, raising capital for their projects. I preferably would like to work at a large city because I grew up in a metropolitan city and I like the atmosphere of a busy city.

What drew you to pursue actuarial science?

I realized that to be competitive in today's world I cannot simply pursue a finance major. I should be able to quantify and give solid proof as whether my choice of stocks, options, futures, etc., would be beneficial or profitable. In the finance world math is extremely important, especially those which focus on statistics and risk. That is why I decided to pursue actuarial science at Albion.

How has Albion prepared you for your next steps in that pursuit?

Being part of Albion gives you the ability to communicate with your professor without much hassle. Being able to discuss which math classes are beneficial for me has helped me create an academic schedule that helped me manage my load. Additionally, I have the chance of asking my professors questions if I had to without much delay, which I feel to be helpful for me.

“For me, Albion… ”

…is one big community where everybody wants to help you. Faculty, peers and workers are constantly trying to help you if you have any hardships.