Learning Tools: Software, Accessories and Apps

There are several tools that we recommend and use that can be useful for organizing and simplifying academic work.


Evernote is a powerful a cloud based program for keeping track of all kinds of information. We use it for keeping track of office information, developing projects and storing resources. It is useful for keeping track of resources and research for papers in one place. You can search your notes as well as share your work with others.

  • Create text, and audio notes
  • Clip web pages, email and links
  • Search text
  • Free

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Livescribe Smart Pen

Livescribe Smart pen is a remarkable tool that allows you to take notes and record synchronized audio at the same time. The two are linked so you can replay the audio from any point in a lecture just by tapping the notes. You can also download to your computer. Some faculty members are now offering pen casts on their course webs! Their students can read the class notes, click on a particular point in the lecture and hear what was being said! (Note: we recommend that you to discuss using the pen with your faculty first due to possible concerns over privacy).

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Notability is an app for IOs devices that allows you to take notes and record synchronized audio. You can write with a stylus or type. You can export notes to other devices as well. A little more difficult to use than the smart pen if your classes include diagrams but still a great tool.

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Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a powerful way to organize your life, set reminders, and keep track of all your assignments, exams and assignment due dates. You can access Google Calendar through our campus Gmail. Set up your semester during the first week and never worry about missing or forgetting again.

Other Helpful Options

Organize Yourself

Note taking

  • InClass - Record audio, take text or video notes. For the iPhone and iPad.
  • Neo Smartpen N2 - An ink pen that digitally transcribes to your mobile device. Syncs with Evernote.


  • StudyBlue Flaschcards
  • Quizlet - provides a variety of ways to study course materials and has 10 million free sets of flashcards. Available for Web, iPhone, iPad and Adroid devices.
  • Tinycards - Learn anything with fun flashcards by Duolingo.

Limit Screen time and Minimize distractions

  • RescueTime - Monitors time you are losing to digital distractions.
  • Silence Epsilon Labs - Adjust settings so the phone is silent for specific time periods or reoccurring times like during class! For Android devices.
  • Studious - silences your phone. Also gives reminders of homework and test dates. For Android devices.

Get some sleep!

  • aSleep app provides a variety of sounds. For iOS devices.
  • CountSheep - Count sheep, stars, listen to sounds and set a timer then go! For iOS devices.
  • Ambiance creates a relaxing ambience for sleep

Wake Up!

  • FreakyAlarm - an alarm that does not stop ringing until you solve a series of games. For iOS devices.
  • Wake N Shake - a voice gets increasing louder until you shake your phone. For iOS devices.
  • I Can't Wake Up - this alarm clock you sure will get up on time, thanks to up to eight different Wake Up Tasks which won't let you turn the alarm off until you finish them. For Android devices.