The Basics: Strategies

Time Management, Planning, Procrastination and More

The Albion College Semester Planner

All 14 weeks of the semester and major assignments are plotted on a single planning sheet. This is an easy way to plan your work flow week by week. You can immediately view the busy weeks and prepare in advance.

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Research Paper Calculator

Do you want to break assignments into pieces? Do you have any idea how much time to give to the research, reading and writing portions of a paper? Let the calculator provide you with dates and advice on completing each step.

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Effective Learning Strategies

There are many web sources for effective learning strategies. Below are links to three university learning centers that offer excellent information on a wide variety of topics.

Virginia Tech

The Cook Counseling Center at Virginia Tech has study skills information on time scheduling, improving concentration, note taking, motivation, remembering, effective reading systems, study environment analysis and writing papers.

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Ohio University

The Ohio University Academic Advancement Center provides interactive activities that help you evaluate the effectiveness of your approach to test preparation, reading, memory, note taking and exam preparation.

Take the 168 hour Exercise to challenge assumptions about how well you are doing with balancing your time!

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Princeton University

Did you ever think that knowing how to study could be more important than the amount of time you spend studying? Did you know that time for social activities and working out are necessary to be a successful student? The site gives lots of practical advice on best practices to maximize your effectiveness when hitting the books.

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Request an appointment with a Learning Specialist. We can discuss how you can implement some of the strategies discussed in these websites. Remember, implementing change can be difficult if it does not fit your preferences and learning style!

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