Faculty Information

The Learning Support Center is the campus office responsible for coordinating disability related services and accommodations for students. Accommodations are provided as required by Americans with Disabilities Act as amended (ADAA) and section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Accommodations serve to provide students with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate and benefit from the college experience.

The Faculty Role: Classroom Accommodations

Access is a College-wide responsibility. The Faculty plays a major role in instructional needs of all students. Providing access to the courses at Albion College requires the active participation of each instructor.

Faculty responsibilities for implementing classroom accommodations include:

  • Assess the role of the course design in the student's need for accommodations. Does the nature of the course pose any challenges for applying these accommodations? An example might be online quizzes that are timed.
  • Consult with the Director of Disability Services when concerns exist about the reasonableness/appropriateness of accommodation requests. An accommodation can't be one that alters the nature of the course or the academic program.
  • Assess whether the accommodations can be provided in your classroom or department. Contact the LSC if you have any questions about how this can be done.
  • Refer the student to the Director of Disability Services when students request an accommodation that is not listed in the letter. Faculty members have the right to provide course adjustments not listed in the letter. However please communicate to the student when granting the adjustment that it is not a required disability accommodation.
  • Any information shared between the student with a disability, the LSC and a Faculty member is considered confidential. Information that a student has a disability may not be shared beyond this group without the student's permission. This includes sharing with other faculty or administration members.