Temporary Medical Conditions

Temporary medical conditions do not meet the criteria for disability accommodations due to the duration (generally 6 months or less) of symptoms or functional limitations. However, the staff of the LSC and the faculty of Albion College will work with students to make appropriate adjustments or modifications. In instances such as prolonged absence from class or where there is a need for services such as note takers or other classroom assistance, students should contact their faculty and the LSC staff as soon as possible.

The staff of the LSC works with students to coordinate assistance on a case by case basis. This can include:

  • Notification to faculty and updates on medical status or absences
  • Planning management of academic work load and modifications when necessary
  • Coordination and/or referral to other offices regarding services

Students should provide documentation from a physician or licensed specialist that includes diagnosis, current symptoms, and impact on daily functioning as well as expected duration. Students who only require transportation should contact Campus Safety for assistance.

Concussions and Closed Head Injuries

In recent years we have experienced an increase in the number of students experiencing academic difficulty due to concussions and closed head injuries. These conditions impact the ability to focus and concentrate, may cause headaches and vision problems as well as emotional lability. Students have difficulty with intake of information, processing and remembering information and producing work such as answering test questions and writing papers. Student should modify their academic activities to aid recovery. Recent guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics call for reduced mental work for students to aid in healing.

Student Athletes

When a student athlete experiences a concussion they are monitored by the Athletic Training Department and are not cleared to resume sports practice until they meet a number of conditions including a standardized evaluation that includes factors such as memory and attention. Students are advised to tell their faculty when this occurs. If the student’s symptoms persist over a week, the athletic trainers will alert the LSC staff who will then send an email to faculty members to verify the persistence of the symptoms. When the student is finally "cleared" to return to the team, the LSC staff will send a notice to faculty.

As a result it is important for students experiencing symptoms to work closely with the LSC and their faculty members. When symptoms are short duration, deadlines and work can be shifted. Notetakers can assist in obtaining information from lecture. When symptoms in rare cases persist, other arrangements may need to be considered including withdrawal from one or more classes or taking incompletes. The staff of the LSC is experienced in helping students work through these issues. It is important to make an appointment to see a Learning Support Specialist as early as possible to begin planning.