Classroom Accommodations

Test taking and Classroom Accommodations

Exam Proctoring Accommodations

As many of you know, the LSC is limited in both staffing and space to adequately handle the high volume of exam requests during the academic year. We would like exam proctoring by the LSC to be considered as a secondary, not primary method of delivering accommodations. Unless there are special circumstances (such as the use of a computer), there is no established reason students must take their exams in the library. As a result we are asking for the cooperation of you and your instructors in the following:

  1. Students with disabilities who have exam accommodations for extra time (1.5x) should take their exams whenever possible in the classroom or other convenient department location. 
    • The LSC can proctor the exam when the faculty member is not available after the regular exam period.
  2. Students with disabilities who have exam accommodations for a distraction reduced space should take their exams in the department whenever possible.
    • We would be happy to discuss with you and your instructor possible locations and methods for having this happen within your department.
  3. The LSC will proctor exams for students requiring the use of a computer or other technology, such as screen reader, text-to-speech software, use of spell-checker, or ability to type exam.

Exam Proctoring Policy

If after speaking with your instructor, you determine the need to still take exams through the LSC, please complete the following procedure in this order:

  1. Please meet with the Learning Support Coordinator, Nick Mourning, , at least 5 DAYS in advance of your FIRST exam for the current semester.
  2. Prior to or at our meeting, submit a completed LSC Exam Proctoring Request Form online or hardcopy for the entire semester, which includes course name and number, instructor information, exam dates, and exam times for each class you will need proctored exams.
  3. Remind instructors to submit exams to at least 48 hours in advance of exam date/time.

Please Note:
IT IS IMPORTANT FOR STUDENTS TO KNOW our LSC Exam Proctoring Policy: if we receive less than the stated 5 day notice, we may not be able to arrange your exam in a timely manner to provide the requested accommodations.
• If the test/quiz is scheduled by your instructor with less than 5 days’ notice, please contact the LSC office immediately so that we can work with you to make appropriate arrangements.

Typical classroom accommodations (based on a student’s disability) include:

  • Note taker
  • Permission to record lectures
  • Course handouts or other materials in electronic format

Special Testing Accommodations

  • SOAR placement exams – please contact the LSC director, for more information
  • Writing Competence Exam – contact Scott Hendrix, at least 5 days prior to the date of the exam to arrange to use your approved accommodations for this test.
  • Professional and Graduate School exams - Students who plan to take professional or graduate school exams (GRE, LSAT, MCAT, etc.), should obtain information on current documentation requirements from the test website. Plan to begin the process well in advance of your planned test date. Review your current documentation to determine whether you will need to have this information updated which may require further testing. We will be glad to discuss this with you. In most cases, you will be asked to submit information from the LSC regarding your past use of accommodations. We will be happy to do this for you.

Course Specific Accommodations that Require Coordination between the Student, Faculty and the LSC

Occasionally a Student may find a specific course or science lab requires modifications, services or course specific accommodations. Often this will require meetings and coordination between the student, the course faculty member and the LSC staff. The faculty member’s input regarding the course goals objectives and requirements will be pivotal in determining appropriate accommodations. Students should contact the LSC to begin the process of determining course specific accommodations.

Attendance Policy accommodations

In most cases, class attendance is critical to a student’s mastery of the knowledge and skills that are taught in a specific course and students are expected to follow the attendance policy established by the instructor in each class. If a qualified student with a disability believes it may not be possible to abide by the attendance policy due to disability-related reasons, the student should contact the Learning Support Center at the beginning of the semester, or as soon as possible after the need for an exception arises, to discuss the matter of a possible accommodation. The LSC staff member and the student will meet with the faculty members to determine whether reasonable adjustments can be made which does not later the nature of the course or the essential educational experience.

Implementation with faculty

Students are responsible for discussing the implementation of the accommodations with their faculty members. The majority of accommodations requested by students at Albion College are easily arranged and implemented. Faculty members are receptive and eager to assist students in being successful. They have experience in the best methods to implement these accommodations in their courses. They welcome the opportunity to provide equal access. However in some instance the requested accommodation may require instructor input to determine whether that the accommodation is appropriate for the class.

Notetaker services

Note takers are peer volunteers from the student's class who are willing to share their notes. Volunteer note takers may provide notes using a variety of formats. Some note takers review and type their notes before passing them to the student. Others use a notebook containing numbered carbonless paper. The note taker gives the student the copy at the end of the class period. When more than one student in the class requires notes the note taker may be asked to use a smart pen which allows electronic sharing of notes and audio. Students should request note takers by completing the online Notetaker Form.

The LSC staff will make arrangements by contacting your faculty member who will ask for a peer volunteer (without providing your name or the reason for this request). Once a volunteer is located you will be sent the email address of the student volunteer and can make arrangements for obtaining the notes.

Accommodations request that are unreasonable and will not be provided include:

  • The nature of the course program service or activity would be fundamentally altered
  • The educational mission of Albion College would be substantially altered
  • An undue financial or administrative hardship (college-wide) would be caused by the accommodations
  • Accommodations of a personal nature such as a personal care attendant or equipment for personal use