Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

What you’ll study.

Examine gender as a social construction—and as a lived reality. Explore how gender shapes and is shaped by history, culture, nationality, systems of representation, and institutions of knowledge. Focus on the lives of women, both past and present, in the American and global context, and their active involvement in the world. Majors and minors.

What you’ll do.

Develop your analytical skills. Pursue your interests and passions. And learn to be a canny, critical student of gender issues. You’ll build a solid foundation in feminist and gender theory, and then take your knowledge into the field through programs like our annual Rees Fellowship. Women's and gender studies experience opportunities.

Where you’ll go.

You’ll go anywhere, equipped with the critical thinking, reading, and writing skills you need to succeed in any profession. You might pursue law, public policy, teaching, research, or medicine. Many graduates go on to graduate or professional schools. Potential career paths.

Department News

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