Career Opportunities

What Can You Do with Religious Studies?

Associate professor Jocelyn McWhirter helps a student.Although religious studies may be interesting in and of itself, one cannot live on academic interest alone. Studying religion also has practical payoffs. Students who have graduated from Albion with a major in religious studies are now involved in a wide variety of careers. Some have earned graduate degrees in religious studies and teach in leading colleges and universities. Many are in human services of some kind: pastoral ministry in churches, social work, counseling, and education.

Religious studies, like its sister disciplines in the liberal arts, helps students learn to think critically, not just about religion, but about all aspects of human existence. The study of religion helps students understand themselves and their families' heritage. Religious studies helps us understand our world, past and present, and to apply this understanding to many areas of life. Accordingly, many of our students end up in the professions: writing, law, business, and industry. Many of our students have chosen to double-major in areas like history, anthropology, psychology, or English.

Because religion is concerned with integrating different aspects of human existence, the study of religion has applications, both practical and theoretical, that are far-reaching. We know, from the testimonies of our alumni, that employers appreciate the balance and breadth that the study of religion offers.