Faculty and Staff

Andrew D. Grossman, professor of political science, Albion College
Andrew D. Grossman, Professor
 & Chair

Ph.D., New School for Social Research, 1996
Phone: 517/629-0602
Office: 301 Robinson Hall

William D. Rose, associate professor and chair, political science department, Albion College
William D. Rose, Professor

Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1999
Phone: 517/629-0416
Office: 305 Robinson Hall

Carrie Booth-Walling, associate professor of political science, Albion CollegeCarrie Booth Walling, Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 2008
Phone: 517/629-0908; 810/247-3408
Office: 302 Robinson Hall

Dawid Tatarczyk, visiting assistant professor, Albion College
Dawid Tatarczyk, Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Western Michigan University, 2018
Phone: 517/629-0664
Office: 303 Robinson Hall

Laura Wylie
Faculty Secretary
Office: Robinson 318
Phone: 517/629-0309