Traveling to Albion

Albion, Michigan is located in south central Michigan, on I-94, the main Detroit/Chicago highway. We are an hour away from Ann Arbor, Lansing, or Kalamazoo.

Concert sessions are held in Goodrich Chapel (105 N. Ingham St.) Registration and interest sessions will be in the adjacent First United Methodist Church (600 E. Michigan Ave.)

The best airport choice for travel to Albion is usually Detroit Metro (76 miles). Airports in Lansing and Kalamazoo are somewhat closer, but are generally more expensive to fly to. Transport from Detroit Metro to Albion is by car - registrants often share rides or rental cars.

Albion is also served by Amtrak on a line from Detroit and Chicago - the Amtrak station is 2 blocks from the Courtyard Marriott and 4 blocks from Goodrich Chapel. The Courtyard Marriott is a reasonable walk from Goodrich Chapel (0.4 miles), so registrants will not necessarily need a vehicle once in Albion.

The official hotel for conductors, board members and guests is the Albion Courtyard Marriott Hotel, 200 S. Superior St., Albion MI 49224 - 517/629-8520.

Mention IMC when booking to receive the conference rate of $119 per night.

Convention goers have a good selection of local eateries.

Downtown Albion (walking from the Marriott):

  • Malleable Brewing Company, 420 S. Superior - brewpub with excellent pub food on a limited menu
  • Cascarelli's, 116. S. Superior - Italian/pizza/pub food, oldest and best established eatery in Albion
  • Gina's Pizza & Deli, 301 N. Clinton - really good sandwich place, also makes pizza, no alcohol served;
  • Foundry Bakery, 400 S. Superior - good sandwiches, breakfast/lunch only
  • Bistro within the Marriott Hotel, 200 S. Superior - more small bites than hearty fare, breakfast/dinnertime only
  • Charlie's Tavern, 111 W. Porter St. - local bar, burgers/pizza
  • Lopez Taco House, 205 N. Superior - basic Mexican, (again, no alcohol)
  • Hungry Howie's Pizza, 111 W. Cass St. - take-out only
  • Subway, 104 E. Erie St.
  • The Little Red Lunch Box, 113 E. Michigan - diner, all that you can imagine with that name, breakfast/lunch only
  • Biggby Coffee, 217 E. Michigan - breakfast sandwiches

Out by the freeway - 1 mile from the hotel and campus:

  • KFC, 1317 N. Eaton St
  • Pizza Hut, 1435 N. Eaton St.
  • McDonalds, 1507 N. Eaton St.
  • Taco Bell, 1440 N Eaton St.
  • La Casa Mexicana, 1510 N. Eaton St. - Mexican restaurant with alcohol served
  • Subway, 27815 C Drive N
  • Arby's, 27790 C Drive N
  • Full Moon Restaurant, 200 B Drive N - comfort food

Guests can also use Albion College cafeteria services for a reasonable fee - student dining at Albion features lots of choices and can be found at Baldwin Hall, 203 S. Hannah St., lower level.

Questions? - contact Clayton Parr at .