The Native Speaker Teaching Assistant Program

Every academic year the Modern Languages and Cultures Department invites a French, Spanish, and German speaker to live and work with us at Albion College. Native Speaker Teaching Assistants (NSTAs) are university students in their early twenties from French, Spanish, or German-speaking countries that spend one academic year at Albion College as a special non-degree student.  Native Speakers live along with language students in the I-Space in Fiske House to encourage and give residents more opportunities to use their target language.

The native speakers are a vital component to the Modern Languages and Cultures Department as well as to the I-Space. Due to their role in the separtment and in the I-Space, native speakers hold a special position of respect at Albion College. While attending classes, they lead weekly language tutorials to help students work on their conversational skills and grammar. They conduct weekly evening cultural activities in each particular language house in I-Space. They observe and assist professors in the classroom, and their company and leadership is welcomed at the weekly language tables. NSTAs plan at least one “mega” cultural language event. These events combine fun and social activities with educating the campus about the food, traditions, history and geographic regions associated with their language. In addition, as members of the I-Space Council, native speakers help to decide which campus community events, such as Briton Bash and Homecoming, I-Space will participate in and help to organize and rally support for it.

For more information about the Native Speaker Teaching Assistant Program, please contact for French, Dr. Emmanuel Yewah, for German, Dr. Perry Myers, and for Spanish, Dr. Kalen Oswald.

Group photo for web

2021 - 2022 Native Speaker Teaching Assistants:
France:  Alexandre Delangle
Germany:  pdfLena Hertenstein

Mexico:  pdfSamuel Neri Castañeda
Chile:  pdfCamila Moya Delgado


2020 - 2021 Native Speaker Teaching Assistants:
France:  Alexandre Delangle
Mexico:  Samuel Neri Castañeda


2019 - 2020 Native Speaker Teaching Assistants:                                      
France:  pdfAmaury Hutin
Germany:  pdfLaura Walker

Mexico:  Veronica P. Velasco Torres
Spain:  Irene Gonzalez Blazquez


2018 - 2019 Native Speaker Teaching Assistants:                                             
French:  pdfAntoine FaureNSTAs August 2018 copy
Costa Rican:  pdfKeylin Córdoba Molina 
German:  pdfViktoria Janzen
Spanish:  pdfFabiola Nieto Tapiador

2017 - 2018 Native Speaker Teaching Assistants:
French:  Radouane Ziani
Spanish:  Nuria Cerón Pimpinela
Spanish:  Mariela Jimenez Chaves
German:  pdfKevin J. McDonald

2016 - 2017 Native Speaker Teaching Assistants:2016-17
French: pdfNaomi Bonté
Spanish: pdfBlanca Estepa
Spanish: pdfJaqueline Ramirez
German: pdfAnna Lisa

2015 - 2016 Native Speaker Teaching Assistants:
French:     pdfMarie Chambon
Spanish:   pdfBlanca Estepa Bernabeu
Spanish:   pdfLaura Cristina Murillo-Quesada
pdfLisa Schmidtfall

2014 - 2015 Native Speaker Teaching Assistants:2015-2016 NSTAs
French:  pdfClementine Boyer
Spanish: pdf Meztli Ziara Cammacho Barreto
Spanish:  pdfCristina Ybarra Garcia
Gernam:  pdfAnna Rogovska

2013 - 2014 Native Speaker Teaching Assistants:
French:  Bouchra Ben Hami
Spanish:  Luis Cádenas López
Spanish:  Marisol Mora Villar
Gernam:  Anna NSTAs 13-14Schwabe

2012 - 2013 Native Speaker Teaching Assistants:
German: Judith Gerards
Japanese: Mai Maehara
French: Jennifer Perenchio
Spanish: Maria Pérez-Huete
Spanish: Zamia Leticia Rodriguez Meneses

2011 - 2012 Native Speaker Teaching Assistants:
Spanish (Mario Carillo Anguiano)
French (Morgane Chatagner)
Spanish (Perla Garcia Frutis)
Japanese (Miku Hamakawa)
German (Stefan Keutgen)

2010 - 2011 Native Speakers: 
Mario Carillo Anguiano, Morgane Chatagner, Esther Christ, Perla Garcia Frutis

2009 - 2010 Native Speakers:
Catherine Ehm, Fanny Aponte Sliva, Paul Vargas, Thomas Boykin