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Japanese | Modern Language and Cultures.

Albion College offers introductory and intermediate Japanese courses, which focus on linguistic skills as well as cultural understanding of Japanese people and society. Between classroom instruction and cultural activities outside the classroom, students have ample opportunity to participate in frequent, real-time language practice. These activities can focus on many different aspects of Japanese language and culture, such as calligraphy, movies, cooking, martial arts, anime, etc.

Japanese Courses

JAPN 101:  Elementary Japanese

This course is an introductory course in Japanese language, designed for students with no previous background in Japanese.  this course aims to build a solid foundation in Japanese with a focus on oral interaction.  We will also work on the Japanese writing system and learn to read simple texts written in Japanese. 

JAPN 102:  Elementary Japanese, continued

This course is an interdisciplinary communicative Japanese language class aiming at the improvement of four basic skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. This course will cover a range of topics and situations where students will cary out conversations in a meaningful way. The aims of this course are not only to enhance the linguistic abilities of the students but also to increase awarness of different cultural values in light of their own. This course will intergrate Japanese tangible pop-culture, such as food, music, and art with the language lesson in the most effective way.

JAPN 189:  Kawaii: Pop Culture in Japan

This course introduces you to various aspects of Japanese populr culture such as, anime, manga, musci, fashion and video games. Students will become more familiar with Japanese culture, history and society through this course.  This course is taught in English.

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For a complete list of courses being offered by the Modern Languages & Cultures Department this semester, please visit the Registrar's Web site.