April 16, 2010 - Students Present Research At Education Capstone Symposium

Three mathematics and computer science majors gave talks at the Capstone Symposium sponsored by the Albion College Teacher Education Program and the Fritz Shurmur Center for Teacher Development:

  1. Emilee Goralski's presentation, "Miss Emilee, I....can't....read....that--Increasing Reading Fluency in Elementary Students" described her work with third-grade students struggling with reading comprehension. Emilee has spent the past semester student teaching in a third-grade classroom at Hughes Elementary School in Marshall.
  2. Rachel Kamischke's talk, "Teaching les Mathematiques en France and in the United States", was based on her experience in January 2010 as a participant in the International Practicum in Education in Noisy-le-Roi, France. Rachel presented the results of her comparative research into French and American mathematics teaching practices.
  3. Sarah Ramp's presentation, "Ramping Up Math Skills" described her work using games and competition to facilitate student learning of multiplication and division. Sarah has been student teaching in a third-grade classroom at Warner Elementary School in Spring Arbor.

The Education Capstone Symposium is an opportunity for student teachers and students who have completed unique learning experiences to showcase their original thinking and experiences. Eighteen students gave presentations at this spring's symposium.