2011-12 Academic Year Colloquium Schedule

Palenske 227 - Thursdays at 3:30 p.m.


Spring 2012

January 26- Robert R. Bruner - pdfPDF

February 2 - Daniel E. Bollman - pdfPDF

February 9 - Brad Emmons - pdfPDF

February 16 - Rachel Maitra - pdfPDF

Fall 2011

September 1

Speaker:  David A. Reimann, Associate Professor

                    Mathematics and Computer Science

                    Albion College

Title:  Planning for Graduate Study in Mathematics adn Computer Science

Abstract:  A degree in mathematics or computer science is excellent preparation for graduate school in areas such as mathematics, statistics, computer science, engineering, finance, and law.  Come learn about graduate school and options you will have to further your education after graduation.

September 8

Speaker:  Bruce C. Berndt, '61, Professor

                   Dept. of Mathematics

                   Univ. of IL at Urbana-Champaign

Title:  Ramanujan's Lost Notebook

Abstract:  In the spring of 1976, while searching through papers of the late G. N. Watson at Trinity College, Cambridge, George Andrews found a sheaf of 138 pages in the handwriting of Srinivasa Ramanujan, generally regarded as Indian's greatest mathematician.  In view of the fame of Ramanujan's earlier notebooks, Andrews naturally called these papers Ramanujan's "lost notebook."  This work, comprising about 650 results with no proofs, arises from the last year of Ramanujan's life and represents some of his deepest work. 

Since many in the audience may not be familiar with Ramanujan, we begin with a brief biography.  Second, we provide a history of the lost notebook.  Third, a general description of the topics found in the lost notebook will be provided.  For some of the topics, in particular, q-series, theta functions, mock theta functions, continued fractions, partitions, and infinite series, we offer some details. In the time remaining, the fourth portion of the lecture will be devoted to a more detailed discussion of one of the topics prominently addressed in the lost notebook, namely continued fractions.

September 15 - Dave Reimann - pdfPDF

September 22 - James Burke (Virtual) pdfPDF

September 29 - David C. Murphy  pdfPDF

October 13 - Eric Barth  pdfPDF

October 20 - Pizza & Pamphlets pdfPDF

October 27 - Darren Mason pdfPDF

November 3 - Daniel Christiansen pdfPDF

November 17 - Michael A. Jones pdfPDF

November 24 - Thanksgiving Break! 

December 1 - Student speakers:

Katelyn Broekema, Abigail Carter, Nathaniel Hissom, Rachel Kain and Katelyn Stringham