Athletic Training

Albion College is currently accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE), 6850 Austin Center Blvd., Suite 100, Austin, TX 78731-3101. The program has chosen to Voluntarily Withdraw its CAATE Accreditation effective June 1, 2019.

Athletic Training and Albion College

The response of the Kinesiology Department to the national mandate that all professional athletic training degrees must be at the masters level by 2022 is that we will offer a pre-athletic training track beginning Fall 2017. This will be integrated into our very successful pre-allied health track (for PT, OT, medical school, etc.) within our Exercise Science major. All colleges and universities with bachelor’s level athletic training programs in the country must respond to this national mandate in some way. Since Albion College does not offer any masters degrees we will create hybrid courses in orthopedic evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation coupled with our core Exercise Science courses that will provide students an excellent preparation for all masters’ level athletic training programs that will be available to them. Albion College has requested a voluntary withdrawal of its accredited athletic training major from CAATE effective June 1, 2019.

Albion College has provided a quality Athletic Training major for 11 years as evidenced by the success of the graduates from the major. Our plan moving forward is to provide the same quality in a pre-athletic training program within the Exercise Science major. While the questions surrounding this national mandate are still settling Albion College has decided to move forward in a positive way. The fact is 75% of all athletic trainers have a master’s degree and we will prepare our students so they will not only have that opportunity but will be sought by entry-level master’s athletic training programs.

This change in the education structure for athletic training it is not unlike what other allied health care programs have undergone; Physical Therapy recently moved to a doctorate degree. We believe that our response to this mandated change will be very positive, and in fact, may even provide some advantages for students wanting to pursue athletic training as a career. For example, student-athletes wanting to pursue this route will be able to do so within a less time pressured environment (trying to get clinical athletic training hours while also fulfilling the requirements of a sport). Students, as they pursue their master’s degree, may explore athletic training at larger colleges and universities giving them a variety of athletic training experiences. This variety will not only help students determine at what level they may want to work as an athletic trainer but will also make them more employable by having a variety of experiences.

Any questions please contact Dr. Bob Moss, Chair, Kinesiology Department at .

Athletic Training Major

The Athletic Training major embraces Albion College's vision when theory and techniques presented in the classroom evolve into practical experience.

It is the mission of the Albion College Athletic Training Program to meld the mission of Albion College with the accreditation requirements of the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) in order to produce graduates that will successfully pass the Board of Certification (BOC) examination. This melding is also purposeful so that the graduates of our program may be active participants in carrying out the mission of the NATA.

Our program is nationally accredited by CAATE. The Albion Athletic Training Program is a student-driven program that provides a strong educational background through diverse clinical and educational experiences. Through the academic and clinical education, students will obtain the confidence to make appropriate decisions in all aspects of the athletic training profession. Opportunities to work in conjunction with allied healthcare providers allow for students to grow personally and professionally in our teamwork-oriented environment. Problem solving and creative thinking will be emphasized through mentoring, didactic and clinical processes, in a manner that will facilitate mastery of lifelong learning in athletic training and other allied health professions. Students will graduate from our program prepared for graduate studies, a career in the athletic training profession or pursuit in a related allied health career.


  1. Produce competent, professional and ethical Athletic Trainers.

  2. Provide students with a superior education to maintain a first-time passing rate of the BOC above the national average.

  3. Provide a wide variety of clinical experiences to ensure career readiness.

  4. Encourage evidence-based practice by utilizing a multitude of resources to enhance student learning.

  5. Emphasize personal growth and development, accountability and respect.

Program Outcomes

Our graduates will have an 80% first-time, three-year aggregate pass rate of the BOC exam.

The newly renovated facilities within Albion College's sports complex support the course work of the Athletic Training major. Students in the Athletic Training major obtain hands-on experience in the operation and prescribed uses of all rehabilitation equipment and therapeutic modalities.

A separate application is required for entry into the Athletic Training Program and it can be completed by students accepted into Albion College during their first semester. Upon successful completion of the accredited Athletic Training Program, students are eligible to take the BOC examination to become a certified Athletic Trainer.

Clinical Practice

TannerAlbion College is a member of the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MIAA) and NCAA Division III. The Athletic Training Faculty and Staff provide practice and game coverage for the 20 intercollegiate athletic teams including:

  • Football
  • Swimming and Diving (M/W)
  • Soccer (M/W)
  • Track (M/W)
  • Cross Country (M/W)
  • Tennis (M/W)
  • Volleyball (W)
  • Baseball
  • Golf (M/W)
  • Softball
  • Basketball (M/W)
  • Lacrosse (M/W)

Athletic training students are able to obtain clinical observation hours and gain practical athletic training experience by assisting the certified athletic trainers in practice and event coverage. Practical experiences in athletic training may also be obtained in high schools, other colleges and universities, sports medicine clinics, physician offices and with professional sports organizations. Some off-campus travel is required for clinical experiences. The student may have to provide their own transportation for some of these experiences, depending on where the experiences are located. Travel to athletic training workshops/conferences is encouraged, but optional, and is covered by the student Athletic Training Club funds and the college. In addition, athletic training students may have opportunities for surgical observations, allied healthcare professional interactions, and applied research possibilities. The curriculum offers a valuable background for students interested in pursuing careers in other health professions, including but not limited to, human medicine (M.D., D.O.), physician assistant, and physical therapy.

Costs Associated With the Major

The only costs of the major relate to travel to off-campus clinical experiences, as students are not reimbursed for any travel to off-campus clinical experiences. If you do not have access to a vehicle, or the cost of gas is prohibitive, we can arrange for your off-campus clinical experience to be concurrent with another student who has a vehicle.