Pre-Approved Courses

International Studies Core Courses

ANTH 105: Introduction to Anthropology 
ANTH 238: South Asian Identities
ANTH 279: Global Health
ANTH 365: Archeology of Empire/Archeology of Colonialism
ANTH 371: The Global Politics of Nature
ARTH 116: World Art 
BIO 240: Conservation Biology
COMM 313: Intercultural Communication
E/M 362: International Management
E/M 365: International Finance
E/M 366: International Trade
FREN 314: Multicultural France
GER 314: Multiculturalism in Germany
GER 389: 20th Century Global Transformations through German Film
GEOL 111: Geography and GIS
HIST 142: Modern Latin American History
HIST 270: Latin American Immigration and the U.S.
HIST 300: Slave Societies of the Americas
HIST 309: Pax Britannica [British Empire]
HIST 385: British India
HIST 371: Latin-American-U.S. Relations
HSP 151: Great Issues in Social Science: U.S. Foreign Policy Since 1945
INTN/HIST 260: An International History of the Cold War
INTN/HIST 264: An International History of Japan
INTN/HIST 310: Power and Culture in the Asia-Pacific
MLAC 105: Intercultural Understanding
PHIL 309: International Ethics and Global Development
PLSC 206: Transitions to Democracy
PLSC 207: Transnational Justice
PLSC 289/301: International Organizations
PLSC 336: International Relations
PLSC 356: Human Rights in the Modern World
PLSC 357: International Law and Politics
PLSC 372: Gender, Sex, and International Politics
RS 261: Death and Dying
SOC 247: Sociology of Terrorism
SOC 235: Global Transformation
SOC 280: Children of Immigrants
SOC 389: Global Urbanism
WGS 111: Intro to Women’s/Gender/Sexuality Studies