International Studies

What you'll study.

It's all about the human experience, but studied across disciplines and with a global lens. You'll develop an understanding of the myriad cultural, economic, political, religious, artistic, and physical factors that shape the interactions between nations, regions, and populations—and between humans and the environment. Majors and minors.

What you'll do.

Make it real with globally relevant experiences. Our classroom takes you into the world—literally. Explore your focus area or issue on location, and increase your fluency while you're at it. Study-abroad opportunities.

Where you'll go.

You'll have a clear understanding of global and international phenomena with in-depth expertise in a geographical region or in a particular transnational issue. Combine that with global experience and competence in a foreign language, and you're ready to go anywhere. Potential career paths.

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Ligia Paina, '05

Ph.D. candidate,
International Health Systems,
Johns Hopkins University

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