Eleven Geology students to conduct research with faculty in summer 2011

Eleven current sophomore and junior Geology students will be collaborating with departmental faculty this summer as part of the college's Foundation for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (FURSCA) program.  This is the highest participation level in department history.  The students will receive stipends for the 10-week research season.

Students, project titles, and mentors are listed below.

Ken Gibbons ('13) "Studying the Effects of Hyporheic Exchange on the Kalamazoo River", Dr. Tim Lincoln.

Helen Habicht ('13), "Quantifying P-T paths in UHP terranes: a 3-D approach using thermobarometry and field relationships",  Dr. Carrie Menold.

Aaron Hiday ('13) " Relationship between wetlands and stream water levels and turbidity in the Upper Kalamazoo River",  Dr. Thom Wilch

Mark Hymes ('12)  " Transportation of Nitrate to the Kalamazoo River from Surface Drainage and Groundwater Seeps", Dr. Tim Lincoln.

Alyssa Olson ('13) " Reconstruction of 200 years of anthropogenic influences on the Upper Kalamazoo River ", Dr. Thom Wilch.

Kaitlyn Pospeich ('13)  "The behavior of phosphate in a surface water system", Dr. Tim Lincoln.

Lexy Sarnowsky ('12 ), "Using ultrahigh pressure metamorphic rocks to reconstruct the tectonic evolution of the North Qaidam Mountains, Northern Tibet", Dr. Carrie Menold.

Abigail Williams ('12) " Diel Turbidity Cycles in the North and South Branches of the Upper Kalamazoo River", Dr. Thom Wilch.

Other students include:

Tom Fontana ('12), Dr. Bill Bartels.

John Jacisin ('12), Dr. Bill Bartels.

Josh Sams ('12), Dr. Bill Bartels.