Ethnic Studies

What you’ll study.

Examine factors that account for the creation and maintenance of ethnic identity. Understand ethnic relations—and the development of ethnic stereotypes and prejudice. And explore the specific histories, values, and contributions of the country's many constituent groups. You'll work to identify the prejudices and assumptions that have shaped traditional scholarship and academic disciplines and to correct these biases. Majors and minors.

What you’ll do.

Get hands-on experience in ethnic communities here or abroad. Study and research in ancestral or multiethnic communities. As an ethnic studies major, you'll complete an internship that enhances your multicultural understanding of the world. Off-campus opportunities.

Where you’ll go.

Here, you'll build knowledge that works for you. A critical understanding of ethnic traditions and relations is sought after by many fields. Whether you go into politics or medicine, you'll be ready to contribute to an increasingly multicultural society. Potential career paths.

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Bobbie Denise
Cole, '07

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Northern Illinois University

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