Albion College Department of English Mission

Our mission is to prepare students for a wide range of challenging academic, personal, and professional goals by teaching them to read attentively and critically and to convey complex ideas persuasively and creatively. Our students develop social and cultural awareness, curiosity, and the love of language by deepening their understanding of diverse literary works and the craft of writing. What is more, the department believes the education we provide cultivates in our students the habits of mind and spirit that enable and encourage productive, fulfilling lives.

What binds the multiple aspects of the Albion College English department together is a love of reading and writing sharpened by a firm commitment to the value and diversity of human experiences, voices, and literatures. Our students become attentive to details, to connections, to relationships. They grow accustomed to the rigor and difficulty of thinking and writing their way through complex problems shaped and solved by language. We believe that this combination of passion and commitment will enable the next generation of leaders and citizens not only to succeed in the world but to shape it.