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Milkessa Midega Gemechu

Milkessa Gemechu is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science. Specializing his PhD in Federalism Studies in the College of Law and Governance of Addis Ababa University—Ethiopia (2017), Milkessa currently teaches Comparative Federalism. His Ph.D. dissertation focuses on Governing Contested Cities in Federations which elaborates multiethnic urban politics, conflicts and policies. Milkessa did his master’s degree in Federalism Studies (2011), and his bachelor degree in Political Science and International Relations (2008) in Addis Ababa University. He is also a human rights and democracy activist. His research interests include politics of federalism, African politics, contested city politics and multiculturalism.

Environmental Programs

Our program features majors in environmental science, environmental studies, and sustainability studies, as well as concentrations in environmental science and environmental studies. The concentrations combine with traditional liberal arts majors and can be tailored to meet individual students' career goals.

Sometimes the best classroom settings aren’t classrooms at all. Our field seminars are life-changing: you’ll travel to diverse locations around the U.S. and meet people who are working on environmental protection and sustainability causes. And through internships and research projects, you’ll explore the social, political, and scientific dimensions of sustainability and be well prepared for a career in this vital field.

Joel Zaretti

Joel Zaretti, '21, is an accounting - CPA emphasis and spanish double major with a concentration in the Carl A. Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management. After completing an internship with Ernst & Young over an eight week period in the winter of 2020, Joel is thrilled to have the opportunity to work at the firm full time after graduation in May of 2021.

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