Meet Our Alumni

From the moment they receive their degree, Albion economics and management graduates are prized employees and attractive candidates for further study in graduate and professional school. Get to know a few of our recent alumni below.

Jared Fife, ’21

Staff Accountant – Tax at Ernst & Young

Alec Palmer, ’20

MMBSI Commercial Banking Analyst, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Marceline Redick, ’20

Tax Staff at Ernst and Young LLP, La Jolla, CA

Samantha White, ’20

Underwriting at United Wholesale Mortgage

Angela Adams, ’19

Grad School, Ohio University in Athens

Josh Sannes, ’19

Financial Institution Specialist, FDIC

Monica Shuk, ’19

Accounting/Auditor at Ernst & Young

Henry Swett, ’19

Staff Accountant, non-profit

Carrigan Thiesan, ’19

Commercial Banking Analyst

Lucas Harder, ’18

Corporate & Investment Banking Analyst, TD Securities Inc.

Makenzie Smit, ’18

Public Accounting, Ernst & Young

Laura Newbury, ’18

Financial Analyst, Intel Corporation

Jake Fenton, ’17

Core Assurance, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Ethan Sutton, ’17

Performance Improvement, Ernst & Young

Andy DiFranco, ’17

Staff Auditor, Ernst & Young

Danielle Nelson, ’17

Project Manager, Albion Economic Development Corporation

Ryan Denha, ’16

Portfolio Management Officer, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Heather Vogt, ’16

Tax Associate, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Glenna Kleinknecht, ’16

Sales Coordinator, ZF North America

Paul Stewart, ’16

Broadcast Automation Engineer at ENCO Systems

Kyle Alsheskie, ’15

Associate Auditor at KPMG

Alex Decker, ’15

Assurance Practice, Ernst & Young

Lauren Epple, ’15

Private Company Services Audit Department
of Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Tram Hoang, ’15

Michigan State University's Agriculture, Food, and Resource Economics Ph.D. Program

Trent Mikek, ’15

Ernst & Young

Paxton Mueller, ’15

Data Analytics Consultant, Ernst & Young

Leah Parker, ’15

Accountant, PSLZ LLP

Will Pearl, '15

Analyst, NCA Group

John Rogers, ’15

Analyst, Urban Science

Katie Strunk, ’15

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Allan Adair III, ’14

Accountant at Plante Moran

Richard Atkins, ’14

Master of Accounting degree, University of Michigan. Ernst & Young

Peter Curry, ’14

Financial Accounting Advisory Services, Ernst & Young

Sarah Erdman, ’14

Analyst, Ernst & Young

Madeline Hutchison ’14

Quality Assurance, Quicken Loans

Ryan Moretti ’14

Tax Associate/CPA, Rehmann

Victoria Slater, ’14

Completed program in December 2013;
graduate study at London School of Economics (Fall 2014)

Heather Waldron, ’14

Market Risk Analyst, Goldman Sachs

Alex Archer, ’13

Zone Manager, Ford Motor Co.

David Budka, ’13

Financial Analyst, Dow Corning

Michael Davis Jr., ’13

Pursuing Master's of Urban Planning, University of Michigan

Amber Myers, ’13

Pursuing a JD at Michigan State University College of Law

Kathleen Petchell, ’13

Completed Masters of Accountancy, U of M, Tax Associate,Plante Moran

Aaron Croad, ’12

Data Analytics Consultant, Ernst & Young

Donza Worden, ’12

Associate, LaSalle Capital

Sumedha Makker, ’11

Sales Excellence Professional at Microsoft

Emily McLaughlin, ’11

Associate, Equity Research – Machinery
RBC Capital Markets

John Pearce, ’11

Quantitative Analyst, Northpointe Capital