Career Opportunities

An Albion College chemistry student at work in the lab.In addition to professional work and graduate study in chemistry, a chemistry major can establish a foundation for careers in a number of fields: e.g., engineering, health-related fields, law and technically related businesses. Graduate and professional schools in the medical sciences require a strong background in chemistry.

Recent Albion College graduates with a degree in Chemistry have found jobs in a variety of fields. A few of those positons include:

  • Chemical sales representative (Brenntag Great Lakes)
  • Research assistant (St. John Hospital and Medical Center)
  • High school chemistry teacher
  • Patent lawyer (Dow Chemical)
  • Quality control metallurgist (Severstal Steel)

Recent Albion College graduates in Chemistry have also continued their education in a variety of medical, dental, biochemical and chemical graduate programs.

For additional information on careers in chemistry, the American Chemical Society website provides useful resources:

What Chemists Do

Salaries & Surveys

Job Searching

In addition to those listed below, we also post internships and job announcements on the department's Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Other Resources

Here's an article about how chemists are needed in hospitals and medical centers.

Careers in Chemistry (PDF) - Information about the use of chemical education in various careers.

docCareers Checklist - Advice on things you should consider doing in your junior and senior years (thanks to Cliff Harris).

Some good "How To" Tips - How to Write CVs, get the most from a career fair. Check it out!

Ann Arbor USA - Career Services

"Off-Campus Programs for Chemistry" is a brochure available from the Albion College Center for International Education. Programs in chemistry are available in Scotland, Tennessee, Ireland, Australia, and England.