Prospective Student Scholarships

Any student accepted to Albion College is eligible for a scholarship in Art or Art History. All scholarships may be renewable for as long as you are enrolled in an art or art history class each semester. You are not required to major or minor in art or art history in order to be eligible.

Scholarship Information

Requests for portfolio reviews will be accepted beginning October 1 of a student’s senior year. All portfolio reviews for the 2021 school year will be conducted virtually.

Scholarship Submission Deadlines

December 1 (High school seniors) - Priority scholarship consideration

March 15 (High school seniors) - General scholarship consideration

Beginning the Scholarship Process

After acceptance by Albion College, a candidate should submit the Fine Arts Interest Form which will serve as the application for an Art or Art History Scholarship. After screening, qualified candidates will be invited to submit a portfolio of their work for scholarship consideration. See below for guidance regarding your portfolio submission.

Please note that students must be admitted to Albion before submitting a portfolio for review. For questions regarding your submission or the scholarship process, contact the Office of Admission at .

Scholarship Requirements

Candidates for an Art or Art History Scholarship will:

  1. Apply and be accepted to Albion College;
  2. Submit the Fine Arts Interest Form;
  3. Submit a portfolio for review (details below).
    • Instructions for submitting a portfolio will be sent to qualified students after completing the Fine Arts Interest Form.
Studio Art

The purpose of the Art Scholarship is to encourage students to pursue their passions in a creative, stimulating, and intellectually engaging environment.

Application Process

To be considered for a scholarship, students must submit a portfolio for review by members of the Art and Art History faculty. This allows the prospective student to share their work and process.

Students may submit a portfolio of 10-15 of their strongest works in any medium; it may include work you have done in class or independently. The portfolio should represent who you are as an artist.

We encourage students to share a sketchbook in the form of a traditional book of drawings, a journal, visual scrapbook or even a well designed blog or website.

Students will be asked to provide a brief written description of their portfolio selections and how they represent you as an artist. It may be helpful to consider the following questions:

  • What artists do I look at for inspiration?
  • What is my creative process?
  • What am I trying to communicate with my art?
  • Why did I choose the respective media/ forms to express my ideas?
Art History

The Art History Scholarship promotes the study of art history at Albion College. The study of art history encourages students to better appreciate and understand the visual world around them, and it reveals interconnections between the arts and other kinds of intellectual and cultural achievements.

Application Process

Students who wish to be considered for the Art History Scholarship should submit an example of their written work in Art History.