Stockwell Scholars Program

The Stockwell Scholars Program is a new initiative developed through the Cutler Center for Student Success and Academic Achievement. Stockwell Scholars is built on the essential foundation for student success: belonging. Starting from their senior year in high school to the first-steps on Albion’s campus, and through their path to graduation, we are committed to our Stockwell Scholars. When our students can call Albion, home, they can thrive, not only in the classroom, but personally, socially, and professionally. Parents and students who recognize this valuable support opportunity are rewarded with membership in Stockwell Scholars: a membership with prestige, robust benefits, and unique access to resources. We only ask for your commitment to the program, for your partnership with us in your success.

If you are interested in learning more about he Stockwell Scholars Program, please contact Nick Mourning, Director of Stockwell Scholars, by email at , or by phone 517/629-0411.

Membership and Prestige in the Stockwell Scholars Program includes:

  • A two-year membership for your first and second-year at Albion College
  • Continued support and benefits through senior year and graduation
  • Access to private Stockwell Scholars fellowship events
  • Exclusive swag such as t-shirts, semester planners, etc.
  • The awesome benefits listed below
  • And free food! And your own place to study! And much more!

A Commitment in the Stockwell Scholars includes:

High School and Pre-College Support

  • Meet and Greets with Stockwell Scholars staff and Success Coaches
  • Team building activities with your fellow scholars
  • Support in your transition to your new home at Albion College

Stockwell Scholars Summer Camp:

A 3-day pre-orientation program for all incoming Stockwell Scholars, which promises fun and interactive activities to:

  • Build belonging amongst you and your teammates in Stockwell Scholars
  • Learn more about the college and community of Albion
  • Prepare for your first semester of college

Exclusive Partnership Between Stockwell Scholars and the First-Year Experience

  • Specifically unique to our Stockwell Scholars Program, our members will have a built-in connection with their first-year experience seminars and instructors

One-on-One and Learning Community Support

  • You’re part of a team now! Each scholar will have access to a support network including their FYE instructor, personal Success Coach, and learning community of peers
  • An academy like ours will help students navigate the stress of a new environment, provide a strong support structure, and guarantee access to tutors and other resources

Stockwell Scholars Exploration Series

  • With a focus on academic, social, and career growth, members will participate in discussions, panels, workshops, and events, which increase their sense of belonging and connections to the Albion community.