Stockwell Scholars Program

The Stockwell Scholars Program is a new initiative developed through the Cutler Center for Student Success and Academic Achievement. Stockwell Scholars is built on the essential foundation for student success: belonging. Starting from their senior year in high school to the first-steps on Albion’s campus, and through their path to graduation, we are committed to our Stockwell Scholars. When our students can call Albion, home, they can thrive, not only in the classroom, but personally, socially, and professionally. Parents and students who recognize this valuable support opportunity are rewarded with membership in Stockwell Scholars: a membership with prestige, robust benefits, and unique access to resources. We only ask for your commitment to the program, for your partnership with us in your success.

If you are interested in learning more about he Stockwell Scholars Program, please contact Nick Mourning, Director of Stockwell Scholars, by email at , or by phone 517/629-0411.

Membership and Prestige in the Stockwell Scholars Program includes:

  • A two-year membership for your first and second-year at Albion College
  • Continued support and benefits through senior year and graduation
  • Access to private Stockwell Scholars fellowship events
  • Exclusive swag such as t-shirts, semester planners, etc.
  • The awesome benefits listed below
  • And free food! And your own place to study! And much more!

A Commitment in the Stockwell Scholars includes:

High School and Pre-College Support

  • Meet and Greets with Stockwell Scholars staff and Success Coaches
  • Team building activities with your fellow scholars
  • Support in your transition to your new home at Albion College

Stockwell Scholars Summer Camp:

A 3-day pre-orientation program for all incoming Stockwell Scholars, which promises fun and interactive activities to:

  • Build belonging amongst you and your teammates in Stockwell Scholars
  • Learn more about the college and community of Albion
  • Prepare for your first semester of college

Exclusive Partnership Between Stockwell Scholars and the First-Year Experience

  • Specifically unique to our Stockwell Scholars Program, our members will have a built-in connection with their first-year experience seminars and instructors

One-on-One and Learning Community Support

  • You’re part of a team now! Each scholar will have access to a support network including their FYE instructor, personal Success Coach, and learning community of peers
  • An academy like ours will help students navigate the stress of a new environment, provide a strong support structure, and guarantee access to tutors and other resources

Stockwell Scholars Exploration Series

  • With a focus on academic, social, and career growth, members will participate in discussions, panels, workshops, and events, which increase their sense of belonging and connections to the Albion community.

TRIO Student Support Services

What is TRIO Student Support Services (SSS)?

TRIO is a federally funded program that supports students at Albion College by building community, developing strategies for academic success, and offering resources for continued learning well beyond college. Our mission is to increase retention and graduation rates at Albion for our TRIO Brits.

For incoming first year students, your journey with TRIO begins well before classes start in the fall semester. Pre-semester support includes summer bridge programs, financial aid and literacy counseling, college success strategies, campus cultural events, and meeting with your new faculty and staff. But most importantly, our students do these activities together, creating community and peer-to-peer relationships, which last through graduation.

Who is Eligible for Albion College TRIO?

As a federally funded program, we are only able to consider U.S. citizens, permanent residents, or refugees pursuing their first bachelor's degree. They must also meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • First-generation - primary parent, caregiver, or guardian has not earned a bachelor’s degree
  • Your family's taxable income (after deductions) meets federal income eligibility guidelines based on household size.
  • You have a documented permanent physical or learning disability that impacts your educational experience.

Interested in becoming a TRIO Brit? Albion College students who fit the TRIO eligibility criteria are welcome to complete our application. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Please note that submission of an application is not direct acceptance into the TRIO program.

What are the awesome benefits of joining our TRIO program?

Just for YOU, our Trio Brits, a wide range of academic, cultural, and career learning opportunities, including:

  • Summer Bridge for first year students
  • Holistic advising
  • Academic support
  • Community/Peer Mentor support
  • Financial literacy
  • Cultural visits
  • Graduate school assistance and visits
  • Post-college exploration
  • Member of a national network of TRiO students and TRiO alumni

I’m sold! Where do I apply?

Albion College students who fit the TRIO eligibility criteria are welcome to complete our application. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Please note that submission of an application is not direct acceptance into the TRIO program.

Prospective students plan to enroll and take classes.
Current Students are currently enrolled and taking classes.

Peer Mentor Program

Our Peer Mentor program will begin in Fall 2021. Peer mentors are student staff members who provide leadership for participants in the TRIO SSS program. Mentors are typically Junior and Senior participants who assist in achieving the program goals including community building, campus navigating, and peer support. All mentors are trained by SSS staff and adhere to specific guidelines as it relates to supporting participants, Each mentor is assigned at least one first-year student in which the program lasts one year.

Meet Our Staff

Care Allen

I'm Care Allen, Director of TRiO SSS here at Albion. I am so happy to have you here and I am already eager about your success! I started my journey in TRiO in 2008 as a participant in the Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program at Michigan State University. As a native of Detroit, MI and a First-Generation college student, I went from excelling in high school to Jeopardy of Dismissal in college. As a result of joining the TRiO McNair Scholars program, and hard work, I graduated on the Dean's list and was an active member of several campus organizations.

I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development & Family Studies from Michigan State University and a Masters of Education in Student Affairs Leadership from Grand Valley State University. I previously served as the Program Services Coordinator for a TRiO SSS program and brings years of experience in the program and supporting students. I began my professional career as a College Advisor through the College Advising Corps, have been an Assistant Living Center Director in Residence Life, worked with the Wade McCree Scholars program, and recently, I served as the Assistant Director of Early College programs to increase early enrollment opportunities for students at a small Christain institution.

I have strong ties to the PAN African Network of ACPA and served as a Fellow for The Diversity Abroad Network in my most recent national work. I truly have a passion for working with and serving people from my community and in particular raising up issues that affect folXs from marginalized groups.

I am a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and I believe community service is a value and a virtue to live by. I have a passion for International Education and equitable practices and policies for students of color in Global travel. In my "not so free time" I am an entrepreneur and fashion enthusiast who loves to empower and support students in their personal dreams and ambitions.

I am enthusiastic about joining the Albion Community and being a part of the inaugural year of the TRiO Student Support Services program. As a TRiO Alum, I am excited to continue the work of supporting students and working tirelessly to advocate for TRiO participants. This is the beginning of an exciting journey for us here at Albion... Welcome to our new beginning!

Nick Mourning

I'm Nick Mourning, TRIO Success Coach, here at Albion College. Alongside my work in our new TRIO program, I am also a member of our Cutler Center for Student Success and Academic Achievement, where I serve as the Director for Supported Admit Programs and teach in the A.C.E program.

I graduated from Albion College in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts and Secondary Teacher Certificate in English, Speech, and Theatre. Go Brits! Several years later, I completed my Masters of Art in Creative Writing and Performance at Eastern Michigan University. Go Eagles!

My career in the education field spans 15 years. It includes seven years of teaching in the Michigan Public School System. And several years at EMU teaching in the First-Year Writing Program. Returning to Albion College in 2014 was an important and successful choice in my personal and professional growth. Whether it is training tutors and academic coaches, developing support networks for students, or collaborating with faculty, I understand our mission to remove barriers for our students on their path to degree completion.

I am excited to apply my skills in a different environment for Albion's new TRIO SSS Program. This is the beginning of something great for students on campus and it's a blessing to serve with my teammates as ambassadors to the program.

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