Learning and Studying Strategies

The Cutler Center is here to assist students to find the strategies and methods best suited to their current abilities and strengths.

Learning Specialists provide free one-on-one consultations designed to help you develop the study skills necessary to meet the demands of college level learning. During these consultations, you will have the opportunity to assess your study skills, understand your individual learning style, and learn new strategies that will make you a more effective learner at the college level.

Top Reasons students ask for a study skills consultation:

  • Time Management to improve planning and academic follow through
  • Improving Test Performance by learning a few simple strategies
  • Evaluating Individual Learning Styles and examining the best approach to various class requirements
  • Questions concerning possible learning disabilities or ADHD
  • Get started by requesting an appointment

Academic Coaching

Acquiring new skills and changing habits may require ongoing meetings with a Learning Skills Specialist to initiate and maintain the best possible outcomes. Students and the Learning Specialist can work together to determine the frequency of meetings and the types of support. Common arrangements include weekly or biweekly meetings to refine strategies, informal check-ins, or weekly semester long time management coaching. Coaching is highly recommended for students with organizational and time management concerns.