International Programs

Through programs like Boston University or Educational Programmes Abroad (EPA), spend a semester abroad taking classes and/or working at an internship site. With emerging technologies and global interdependence, our world is getting smaller. Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture and place yourself ahead of the pack with international experience.

Marissa Cloutier in the Ekumfi district of central Ghana with the Global Brigades. Spotlight: Marissa Cloutier, ’14

A member of the Ford Institute and the Institute for Healthcare Professions, Marissa spent the summer of 2013 in the Ekumfi district of central Ghana with the Global Brigades (medical program). As a global health intern she interviewed community members and conducted public health research in order to improve the organization’s medical and public health programs. This experience prepared Marissa for graduate studies in molecular epidemiology.

Other Offices

Government Offices

  • European Union (Brussels)
  • US Department of State (Zambia)
  • House of Commons – Canadian Parliament
  • House of Councilors – Japan
  • Australian Parliament
  • British Parliment
  • American Embassy (Costa Rica)

Non-Government Offices

  • Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies (the Hague)
  • London Art Therapy Centre
  • Checkpoint Charlie Stiftung (Berlin)
  • Shayne Industries’ Headquarters (Hangzhou, China)
  • Secours Populaire Francais (Paris)
  • Think Tank for Action on Social Change (Dublin)
  • St. Jude Hospital (St Lucia, West Indies)