AJ Mattson, '17

aj-mattson-220x240Major: History
Institutes: Gerald R. Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service, Prentiss M. Brown Honors Program 
Hometown: Davisburg, MI

With what organizations are you involved on campus?

  • Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
  • Albion College Chapel
  • Kids at Hope Spanish Tutoring
  • Albion College Conservatives
  • Student Representative, Albion College Curriculum and Resources Committee
  • Student Representative, Albion College Food Services Committee
  • United Voices of Albion College
  • Albion College Orchestra

Why did you choose Ford?

I chose to be a part of the Ford Institute because of both my general interest in politics and history, and my desire to further my opportunities for service and leadership training. I also found the community in the Ford Institute to be a universal student mentality, with a drive to always learn, discuss, and change the world.

What current issue/topic is important to you?

Currently, education is the most important issue to me. At Albion, many aspects of my life involved education policy and teaching in some way. My presence as a student representative on the college Curriculum and Resources Committee is truly eye-opening. I have the privilege to participate and watch how these processes and systems are developed. Tutoring community students through the Department of Modern Languages has also been a growing experience, as I participate in an atmosphere not seen on campus.

What has been the most influential moment for you thus far at Albion College?

The most influential moment for me at Albion College thus far was the opportunity during Spring semester, 2015, to present my research in an Elkin Isaac presentation. The preparation behind that presentation gave me insight into my own passions about history, society, and education, and finally defined my own career choices.

What do you envision yourself doing after Albion?

My eventual goal after Albion is to earn a PhD in History and serve as a professor at a small liberal arts college like Albion. I hope the process to get there will include many opportunities to travel and experience my historical passions hands-on through teaching and research projects, and through archival and genealogical projects as well (my "hobby").

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