Erin Boyle, '18

Erin Boyle

Majors: Economics & Management, Psychology

Institutes: Gerald R. Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service, Carl A. Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management

Hometown: Beaver Island, MI

With what organizations are you involved on campus?

  • Asian Awareness Group
  • International Student Union
  • Student Volunteer Bureau
  • Power

Why did you choose Ford?

I would like to run my own non-profit business to help out struggling communities and I figured that public policy is the way to go if the business is going to be an efficient one. I also saw the words "service" and "leadership" in the title which made me interested enough to apply.

What current issue/topic is important to you?

Education and poverty

In what ways have you been involved with this cause at Albion?

I teacher aid at the Albion Public School three days a week for about an hour and this past winter my residence hall adopted a family in Albion to buy Christmas presents for.

What do you envision yourself doing after Albion?

I may end up going to graduate school for Psychology or try and get a job in the business world right away. There are so many options but I have three more years to try and figure it all out.

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