Internship Requirement

Ford students are required to complete an internship in the field of public service during their time at Albion College. Many students choose internships in an area of politics, but numerous other types of public service internships are available and have been completed by our students. Some Ford students work with the Director of the Institute to create their own internships in an area that is of special interest to them.

Internship credit may be obtained one of two ways:


A full-time internship for at least one unit of academic credit (300 hours), or two 150-hour part-time internships (0.5 units each), in an area of public policy and public service are typically completed in the junior year or over the summer break. This can be done locally while taking courses at Albion, or a student may concentrate only on the internship off-campus.

Off-Campus Programs

There are many work/study programs that help arrange an internship in the field of public policy and public service for one to two units of academic credit in conjunction with two to three units of academic course work that are transferable to Albion College. Programs such as the Washington Center, Washington Semester, Chicago Center of Urban Studies, Philadelphia Center, Educational Programs Abroad (EPA), and international experiences through Boston University allow students to explore their academic and career interests in a different city or nation.

For more information regarding internship opportunities, visit the Career and Internship Center website and contact them to set up an appointment.


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