Ford Institute students give a presentation.

Completion of all Ford Institute requirements leads to a concentration in Public Policy and Service. A concentration is a focus in a specific area of study that is selected in addition to a major (and minor, if applicable).

Each student is required to choose a major sometime before junior year. Often, course requirements for the Ford Institute overlap with major courses or other requirements of the college. We have student members from over thirty different majors. Involvement in the Ford Institute is an exceptional complement to a range of interests. Opportunities through the Ford Institute help students find specific interests and strengths, as well as network with alumni and experts within their fields.

The Ford Institute concentration requires 5.5 units of coursework to complete, plus one unit of internship, as well as attendance at lectures and a commitment to community service.

Ford Requirements

  • PBSV 101 – Intro to Public Service
  • PLSC 101 – Politics of American Democracy
  • PLSC 216 – Public Policy Analysis
  • General (at least one)
    • Communications – Public Speaking
    • Communications – Argumentation and Advocacy
    • English – Advanced Expository Writing
    • English – Introductory Creative Writing
    • English – Multimedia Journalism
    • Economics & Management – Intro to Micro-Economics
    • One semester of modern language at the 200 level or above
  • Philosophy (at least one)
    • Philosophy 201 – Ethics
    • Philosophy 202 – Social Philosophy
    • Philosophy 206 – Contemporary Moral Problems
    • Philosophy 301 – Environmental Ethics
    • Philosophy 302 – Leadership Ethics
    • Philosophy 303 – Business Ethics
    • Philosophy 304 – Ethics and Public Policy
    • Philosophy 308 – Biomedical Ethics
    • Philosophy 309 – International Ethics and Global Development
    • Philosophy 335 – Philosophical Issues in the Law
    • Religion 242 – Christian Ethics
  • PBSV 397 – Senior Colloquium (spring of senior year)
  • Internship (one unit minimum)
  • Community Service (ten hours x number of semesters in Ford)
  • Lectures and Events (at least two per semester + occasional mandatory)